March 24, 2022 | Updated: June 8, 2023

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Cantilevered staircases by Butech for the architecture of today

They may be part of the construction, but they’re now part of the décor in homes and shopping spaces.

Modern architecture is about reformulating the way we think about building materials, and instead seeing them as decorative objects. It’s becoming more and more common for floor and wall tiles to play more of an aesthetic role. And depending on the material (wood or ceramic) they can also be used for furnishings, worktops and other equipment as well. The same is true of staircases, which have undergone something of a transformation in recent years.

Ceramic cantilevered staircases for minimalist homes

Given the current trend for removing partitions between different zones and ushering as much light as possible into our homes, cantilevered staircases are a popular resource in modern architecture. Whether constructed in wood, steel, concrete or ceramic, they can be used to connect the various levels of your home, elevate your aesthetics, and add more space thanks to the suspended steps.

One PORCELANOSA Group firm that’s making waves with this type of system is Butech, which supplies cantilevered staircases clad in ceramic tiles (STON-KER®) or XTONE®. “Our cantilevered staircase system consists of steps fully-finished in your PORCELANOSA model of choice, along with the appropriate steel structure. The only prerequisite is that the wall must be sufficiently strong to bear the weight of the staircase” explains a company representative.

With several models available in 80 cm, 90 cm and 100 cm formats, Butech’s cantilevered staircases provide more of a sense of continuity between the different floors (especially in two-storey homes). They give the impression of floating in the air, lending a wonderfully light, spacious feel to the structure. With these staircase solutions, Butech is elevating design and functionality in modern architecture.

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