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Spring Cleaning: How to Spring Clean Your Home

Spring cleaning means going the extra mile to really make a difference, and in order to do so, we must begin with fundamentals.

Spring is the time of year for making changes. We store winter clothes away and put the clocks forward in preparation for warmer weather.

This also applies to our home and its décor. Removing the winter duvet off the bed, taking up rugs and carpets, mowing the lawn, and doing a deep clean indoors are just a few examples.

Spring cleaning - Make your home sparkle


The spring clean is an age-old tradition that, like many such traditions, is based on sound principles. This article demystifies spring cleaning and provides practical tips to convert what might seem like a daunting task into something much more manageable.


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The Great British Spring Clean

Top 5 Tips


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Spring cleaning fundamentals

Spring cleaning is the term typically used in the UK to describe the practice of thoroughly cleaning the home.

It appears that Spring Cleaning has a few different origins:

  • Some attribute the roots of Spring Cleaning to the Persian New Year, which occurs on the first day of this season. It requires that everything in the house, from the drapes to the furniture, be thoroughly cleaned. 
  • Another possibility dates back to the ancient Jewish practice of thoroughly cleaning the home in preparation for the springtime festival of Passover. 
  • The Catholic Church also thoroughly cleans the altar and everything associated with it on Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday.

Spring Cleaning can happen anytime from winter to spring, depending on beliefs and culture. Traditionally in the UK, it starts at the beginning of Spring around the equinox.

Spring Cleaning in the UK

A clean and clutter-free home is a universal goal shared by cultures and religions worldwide. The traditional Spring Clean in the United Kingdom dates back to when houses were powered by coal and gas.

Over the autumn and winter months, soot and dust would build up. In the spring light, the build-up of grime became more apparent. Carpets, curtains and soft furnishings would be beaten outdoors to remove the dust. And the whole house would be subjected to a deep clean, from top to bottom.

Spring cleaning tips


Spring cleaning tips

Here are the top five spring cleaning tips for your home:


#1 Declutter and empty

Pack away and move all the unnecessary items strewn around the house before beginning. This will enable maximum use of time in every room. To do so, first, identify the problem areas and address them one by one. Then, divide the items into four piles based on what you plan to do with them:

1. For throwing away.
2. To be given to the charity shop.
3. Store.
4. Put away.


#2 Preclean

Use a dry cloth to wipe away dust, grime, and hair from rooms – particularly bathrooms. By precleaning, you’re removing organic material that could interfere with the effectiveness of the disinfectant.


#3 Avoid nasties 

In general, you should avoid strong chemicals because they can contain harmful and irritant substances that can damage our health. Do the same with those that can cause allergies and become dangerous when improperly used. These can also damage the décor within your home. Stick to organic and natural materials.

For everyday cleaning of porcelain tiles, simply use warm water and a mop. Clean every couple of weeks with a mild detergent and warm water. Chemicals should only be used to remove stubborn stains.


#4 Consider the various materials used

Knowing the materials with which the units and workspaces in your home have been manufactured is fundamental.

The most widespread material in bathroom equipment is sanitary ceramic. State-of-the-art materials such as shower trays with minerals or other resins are becoming more frequent. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the specific tips for certain materials.

Do not accumulate too many cleaning products. Make a list and rationalise your purchases. The cure shouldn’t add to the problem. In other words, avoid the clutter of too many cleaning products.


#5 Take time

it may take a while, but a deep clean is well worth it, not only for your guest but for yourself and your health. Rewards can be well worth the effort.


Sring cleaning checklist


Spring cleaning checklist

When it comes to Spring Cleaning, we recommend creating a checklist for the two most important rooms in the house: the kitchen and the bathroom.


Kitchen spring cleaning checklist

  • Clean and wipe down any appliances that are usually left out, such as the coffee maker, microwave, and food processor.
  • Remove all food from the fridge and defrost the freezer. Use towels to mop up any melting ice build-up.
  • Fridge shelving and compartments should be run through the dishwasher.
  • Move free standing fridges to dust off the coils and clean beneath.
  • Using a suitable product, clean the oven and all its trays. Not forgetting the glass panel.
  • Rationalise your pantry and kitchen cabinets. Take everything out of each cabinet, one by one. Dispose of anything that is past its sell-by date. Wash and sanitise each cupboard as you progress.
  • Clean the sink using a suitable product, paying particular attention to the overflow. 


Bathroom spring cleaning checklist

  • Organise the bathroom cabinet, shelving and other storage areas with a view. De-clutter and remove anything not actually being used.
  • Remember that out of date medicines must be disposed of separately.
  • Scrub the bathtub, Wash Hand Basin and shower tray using suitable products.
  • Machine wash floor mats, shower curtains, and any other soft furnishings. 
  • Deep clean the toilet pan and flooring immediately around.


How to spring clean the bathroom


How to clean a bathroom efficiently




Why is it necessary to spring clean in the first place?

Getting rid of dirt, dust, mould, and mildew is the actual end goal of spring cleaning. Especially if there are pets in the home.

De-cluttering and tidying the home are simply a way of achieving that objective. A cleaner home is beneficial for your physical health, but it also appears to help your mental health.

The list below provides an overview of why it is essential to Spring Clean your home every year.

  • Improved hygiene for the family. A deep clean involves all the areas of the home that are not visible to the naked eye. A weekly cleaning usually consists of surface cleaning, but not hard-to-get-at and hidden-away areas.
  • Good for mental health. Cleanliness is good for the mind, as it represents a clean slate, a new start. As a result, the Spring Clean is cathartic for our mental health and overall wellbeing.
  • Saves money. A deep cleaning helps protect soft furnishings, sanitary ware and other finishes in the home and ultimately adds to their life span.
  • Storage. By de-cluttering our homes before the Spring Clean, we can add space to our closets and cabinets.


How best to spring clean home décor? 

It is not simply a matter of cleaning surfaces and restoring order. When it comes to Spring Cleaning, we should apply the same criteria to home décor. 

We should especially improve air quality and brighten our surroundings to welcome the changing seasons. The guidelines below are a good place to start:

  • There can never be too many potted plants in our homes. Plants are a proven way to improve the air quality in a room and stimulate our general wellbeing. During the spring, cut flowers fulfil the same role and are also very pretty.
  • Clean all windows inside and out with sudsy water. You will be pleasantly surprised by the difference it makes.
  • Remove and store heavy fabric drapes, throws and rugs. Replace with lighter fabrics or simply leave them bare for a fresher, airy feel.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of colour when spring cleaning your home décor. A fresh coat of paint in pastel or pink tones in a bathroom or bedroom can help you start the day in a much better mood.
  • Open windows and doors to flood the home with nature’s fragrances. There is nothing like the smell of spring to cleanse the soul. Allow the scent of freshly cut grass to waft through the house after mowing the lawn. Even the smell of wet soil after a spring downpour will suffice.


How to spring clean your closet?

  • Remove everything from your wardrobe.
  • Rationalise and sort into piles for keeping, storing, giving away and throwing away.
  • Clean the walls, rails, compartments and drawers using soap and water.
  • Use space-saving ways of folding to gain more storage when putting items back into the wardrobe. The Marie Kondo technique is an excellent place to start.
  • Add sensor-controlled lighting to the wardrobe. Helps in the day to day management of clothes storage.

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