September 11, 2019 | Updated: 9 March 2021

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Special finishes for taps to add a designer flourish

It’s the details that make the difference when it comes to decorating the home, elements sometimes overlooked but nonetheless important within an overall décor. However attention to detail can be about practical utilitarian elements as much as decorative ones. Alternative finishes for kitchen and bathroom taps are a case in point. Albeit without thinking the simple act of turning on and off the tap is one that we do many times a day. Taps are a visible and practical element in the kitchen and bathroom. The palette of contemporary finishes for taps is no longer confined to inevitable choices. Here we look at alternatives to the standard metal options.

Solid versus plated

When distinguishing the different metal finishes with regards to taps (or faucets) we are generally talking about either a solid material or plated. Plated involves a base metal that has a thin layer of precious metal coating.

Stainless steel versus chrome taps

Stainless steel is the most common choice for kitchen and bathroom taps. Stainless steel is a metal alloy, the final finish can be polished or brushed. It is resistant and hard wearing, making it an ideal choice for the kitchen where taps get a lot of use. Chrome on the other hand is generally a plated mirror like finish. It is a less hard wearing option, although attractive and so more suitable for the bathroom.

Nickel taps

Nickel is a chemical element that is considered resistant to corrosion making it a popular choice for plating. The finish is a silvery polish that is a popular choice for bathroom and kitchen taps.

Gold taps define luxury

Gold is opulence and is synonymous with luxury. Whether polished or brushed, gold taps are trendy right now. Perhaps the room where gold taps make the greatest impact is the bathroom. Suitable for installing with wash hand basins, baths, bidets, shower heads etc., the gold lustre in combination with white sanitary fittings creates a powerful visual effect.

Titanium taps, a silvery finish

Titanium is also a chemical element. The qualities of titanium make it an ultra efficient option for taps , titanium is an ultra-hard metal and silver in colour.  It is also highly resistant to corrosion and hard wearing.

Copper taps, a sensuous patina

The rich patina of copper is a sensuous reddish golden hue that because of its malleability is a favourite plumbing material. Brushed copper taps look richly luxuriant and modern in any setting, while polished copper provides a more retro vintage touch.  

Bathroom tap Lounge by Noken

Plate it black

Kitchen and bathroom taps in matt black finish are increasingly popular. Distinctive looks and velvety texture to the touch make for a powerful design statement. The contrast with tiles and sanitary ware creates a neutral backdrop for highlighting more sculptural fittings.

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