March 18, 2020 | Updated: June 10, 2020

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The spa bathroom, how to convert your bathroom

It’s impossible to ignore the proliferation of urban spas nowadays on the streets of our towns and cities. Offering an opportunity to escape the daily grind, even if only for an hour or two. However, the Spa experience doesn’t necessarily have to be saved for a special occasion or considered a self indulgence or luxury. The average bathroom in the typical home can be converted to a Spa with a little imagination and planning. Spa bathroom ideas include element for all the senses, from touch to light, smell to taste and even sounds. This article provides some tips for converting your bathroom into a veritable bathroom spa. As well as advice regarding spa bathroom décor.

Spa bathroom decor ideas

The great advantage that the bathroom presents is its size, with a small space we can afford to be more generous. In terms of fixtures, fittings, finishes as well as decorative elements we can push the boat out, so to speak. Water and all things bathing related are at the centre of the home spa. So the bath is a good starting point. There is in fact some science in the properties of a warm bath helping promote a good night’s sleep. A luxury spa bath is a good place to start, turn your bath into a Jacuzzi with hydrotherapy function providing a mechanical massage using air or water jets. Add chromotherapy or music for an even more sensual experience. Nowadays manufacturers like Noken produce bath tubs that are equipped with all imaginable features for the perfect home spa.

Tips for creating a relaxing spa ambience

The spa style bathroom should create a restful ambience, one that inspires relaxation. With regard to décor the following spa bathroom ideas are a good place to start.

  • Lighting the bathroom spa. Perhaps spa bathroom lighting is the most important aspect to get right. Low level lighting, dimmer switches, candles even will provide the right light levels for relaxing in a bath. Or even the shower. Spa lighting for the bathroom should be soft, an alternative to the stronger lighting required for morning ablutions.
  • De-clutter the bathroom. Order and hygiene are fundamental to creating the right mood. But the shelving, baskets and furniture elements for storage items can themselves contribute to the spa bathroom ambience. Choose wicker baskets and open shelves for storing luxurious towels.
  • Towels. Invest in good quality towels and bath robes. The tactile quality of cotton on the skin is a true sensual pleasure.
  • Plants for the bathroom spa. Not only do plants help improve the air quality in a room and absorb the ambient humidity but also bring life. Choose hardy varieties that thrive in moist environments and are easy to maintain.
  • Metal ironmongery and taps. Details matter. Add sparkle and weight to the touch and feel of handles and faucets with mixed metals.
  • High tech and low-tech accessories. With a Bluetooth speaker and a bath caddy a soak in the bath can become a relaxing and reinvigorating ‘me-time’. Scented candles and a thick bathroom rug to step onto complete the feel of TLC.

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