April 19, 2016 | Updated: December 12, 2019


SOUL through-body porcelain and decorative profiles for spaces with character

Butech and Urbatek are working together in order to combine two of their latest products in order to achieve a unique character in interior designs. The polished through-body porcelain tile from the latest SOUL collection from Urbatek is decorated and complemented with the most innovative decorative profiles from Butech, with the aim of offering exclusive unique designs for any type of project.

Decorative profiles, the ideal partner for the porcelain tile

At present, the interior design is not only limited to the choice of ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles. Nowadays it is possible to opt for decorative items, which together with the most advanced porcelain tile, allow for both the completion of the rooms and the creation of suitable atmospheres.

Bearing this objective in mind, Butech offers solutions in upmarket decorative profiles, ranging from the classical profile in a chrome finish to the exclusive Crystal series, which come with crystals by Swarovski. Its objective is not only to extend the aesthetic possibilities of the ceramic wall tiles by providing them with an extra touch of distinction, but also to work as a corner protection on the walls, as metal baseboards on floors or as a way of finishing the space. In addition to this, it allows for covering the transitions among the different flooring and even to protect the steps.

SOUL, elegance materialised in polished porcelain with a marble effect

The wide range of possibilities regarding decorative profiles from Butech become the ideal partner for the new SOUL polished porcelain tile series from Urbatek, thanks to both its own decoration of the pieces and the customisation which is provided in the interior space.

Available in eight different models, including the recent SOUL Brown, in a dark brown finish and golden veins, the collection of the full through-body porcelain with a marble effect, turns out to be ideal because of its timeless design, as well as because of its durability and high resistance, either mechanic, chemical or stain resistant. With different veining in its models, the use of the SOUL collection is not only limited to the private sphere of the home, but it can also be installed in commercial spaces with high traffic, such as stores, hotels, offices or restaurants.

As well as this, SOUL is a high-gloss porcelain tile, with a degree of reflection higher than 90%. A quality of innovation and high luxury, which together with the Butech decorative profiles, achieves a perfect unique and very exclusive result.

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