September 15, 2020


Sochi by Porcelanosa, an ultra refined ceramic tile inspired by onyx

This large format collection is part of the Premium HIGHKER™ range, with veins in various shades, reminiscent of gleaming onyx.


Porcelanosa takes Premium ceramic tiles to the next level with Sochi. This large format collection (58.6 cm x 118.7 cm) is part of the HIGHKER™ range, stands out due to its design which is continuous, refined and unique, inspired by onyx stone from the Middle East.

Its fine veins in white and beige create a harmonious contrast, increasing the luminosity of spaces and working in balance with their unique architecturalfeatures. This is due to its polished, gleaming finish, and its versatility - given that tiles can be used as either floor or wall tiles in both colours: Sochi White and Sochi Ivory.

Safer, better design

Sochi offers quality, design and safety and its composition is suitable for large areas where order and spaciousness are key. Resistant to high temperatures, chemical impacts, UV rays and light transit, the tiles in this series connect home interiors to their natural environment, promoting the conservation of the environment and the preservation of natural resources. 




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