September 24, 2019 | Updated: 8 March 2021

Smart Homes

Smart Toilets, the future of sanitary ware is now

The toilet is no exception when it comes to the application of technology in the home. In fact the Smart Toilet is one of the most obvious examples where intelligence can be used to improve efficiency and performance. Smart toilets are just another feature of the Smart Home revolution that is no longer the stuff of science fiction. With so many recent developments and so much hype here below we look at the Smart Toilet now and the Smart Toilet to come.

Smart Toilets includes both digital and mechanical improvements

Smart Toilets mean everything from toilet pans with an internet connection to interacting with Alexa or some other in-built voice recognition. The Smart Toilet also can incorporate the features of a bidet, with in-built warm water jets and some models even have hot air drying. These additional features can be controlled by varying means, a voice command, an app or automatic sensor. However it’s not just the digital technology that is making Smart Toilets more efficient there are also developments in the mechanical operations of the WC. The Noken Rimless self-cleaning system is an example. A high speed jet sweeps around the rim before flushing with improved hygiene and efficacy. Some Japanese manufactures are even producing toilets that can adjust in height mechanically depending on individual users.

smart toiletsProduct: NK Concept electronic toilet 

Smarter and smarter toilets

With human beings living longer and evolution in health care for the elderly a growing industry it’s not surprising that the home is going to become a place of wellness and ongoing health surveillance. Already Google has patented a toilet seat device that measures our blood pressure when in use. And in the not too distant future the toilet will be sued to diagnose disease with early detection of bladder or prostate problems by analysing urine. The logical next step is to do the same with human waste in order to provide an even wider ranging and complete diagnosis.

What is a Smart Toilet?

A Smart Toilet is a term used to describe any kind of toilet pan that incorporates different technologies to function as either a hybrid bidet or is connected to the internet, as in the internet of things. However even a dual flush system to a degree is considered at the very least a clever toilet.

How Much Do Smart Toilets Really Cost? 

The bidet feature that can turn the normal toilet pan into a Smart Toilet can be bought separately as a seat that can be attached to a normal WC and represents a minimum cost. However the sky is the limit for the ‘Rolls-Royce’ Smart Toilet models that are increasingly popular in Asian cultures.

What is the best smart toilet?

For the tech savvy the Japanese are the ones to watch. Each year at their Ideal Home Exhibitions new products are launched that set the bar for the next generation of Smart Toilets.

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