April 30, 2019 | Updated: January 22, 2020

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The Smart Kitchen: Introducing technology into the home

We are what we eat, so the saying goes, therefore where we prepare what we eat is clearly one of the most important rooms in the home. The increasing awareness of the provenance of food and adoption of healthy eating habits means the kitchen nowadays is the centre of a healthy lifestyle for all the family or whoever inhabits the home. With technology invading every aspect of modern life the kitchen is no exception. Here below we examine what is a smart kitchen as well as how smart kitchen design no longer belongs in the realm of science fiction.

Smart Kitchen storage

Traditionally before the advent of the fridge the pantry was where all food was stored in the home, a separate room, off the kitchen where temperature might be kept lower to help keep perishables fresh. Nowadays the smart fridge can communicate with online supermarkets making sure to keep itself well stocked with the basics and other necessary items. An interactive screen is integrated with the fridge that in turn can communicate with mobile phone apps and other electronic devices for online ordering.

Other innovative smart kitchen storage ideas include integrated wine coolers, clever fitted kitchen storage devices, containers that can take inventory and easy accessible ways of storing all the other electronic devices that are commonly found in the modern, smart kitchen.

Smart Kitchen lights

Over recent years the introduction of Led lighting (light emitting diode) has caused a revolution in the way we light our homes. Leds are economical, long lasting and avoid over heating. The kitchen requires quite specific lighting that is closely connected to the tasks undertaken there, this is primarily concerned with preparing food. Lighting should provide a true rendering of colour and be adaptable to the way the kitchen is used.

Smart kitchen technology could include having movement sensors to introduce energy efficiency, coupled with heating sensors that can be controlled remotely. The days of the single fluorescent kitchen light have ended.

Smart kitchen bins

Recycling is the key word when it comes to smart kitchen bins, the message about waste has infiltrated the home and there is a general awareness that managing waste is a vital part of sustainability and environmental protection. The new generation of smart bins is capable of recognising different types of waste using sensors that have in-built image recognition and artificial intelligence. After identification the domestic waste is automatically placed in the corresponding container and compressed in order to occupy less space. Another innovative development in kitchen waste is the organic bin with air lock that avoids odours and provided gardeners or even anyone with a few potted plants a rich source of compost.

Smart kitchen gadgets

Searching online or in a high street kitchen gadget shop is like entering an Aladin’s cave of smart kitchen accessories today. From online kitchen assistants (Alexa, Echo or Siri) to cooking devices (sous vide, pressure cookers, induction hobs etc.), utensils, monitoring devices and faucets and plumbing the smart kitchen is a hive of technology. Saving time and energy.

Krion K-Life kitchen worktop

Another, perhaps less well known element of smart kitchen design is the choice of finishes. The most important and generally the greatest investment goes into the kitchen work top, Krion K-Life is an ultra compact stone with certified mineral characteristics that react to sunlight creating a photocatalytic effect. This results in the improvement of  air quality as well as providing the advantages of a non porous and highly impact resistant surface. Given the growing concern about air borne pollution perhaps this alone is the smartest element of smart kitchen design.

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