February 18, 2021


Smart: Krion's ultra versatile bathroom furniture

The PORCELANOSA Group firm has designed an easy-to-combine bathroom collection with excellent storage capacity, removable drawers and natural finishes ranging from wood to lacquers.

To keep your bathroom harmoniously organised and maximise your space, PORCELANOSA Group firm Krion has designed Smart, bathroom furniture which is easy to combine with their Krion® Shell and Krion® Solid lines.



Smart countertop 80 cm Roble Taupe Krion

Customised design and improved storage

Made in natural wood and with a lightweight wall-mounted structure, this unit with 1, 2 or 4 removable drawers stands out for its incredible storage capacity, soft close feature and specially modified drawers.

1. Smart Blanco countertop 100 cm Krion

2. Smart countertop + Smart beige unit Krion

Available in five colours: Roble Ceniza, Deep Blue, Beige, Roble Taupé and Blanco (new this year), the various combinations you can achieve with Smart mean you can create a fully customised, safer and more hygienic bathroom in wood or lacquered finishes.

Kole countertop + MD Smart Ceniza 80 cm single drawer Krion Porcelanosa
Kole countertop + MD Smart Ceniza 80 cm single drawer Krion
One countertop + MB Smart 4 drawers Krion
Smart countertop + MB Smart 80 cm + blue drawers Krion
Spirit countertop + Smart beige unit Krion Porcelanosa
Spirit countertop + Smart beige unit Krion

This versatile minimalist collection gives you endless aesthetic and decorative possibilities, and can be used in combination with the Spirit, Smart, One and Kole countertops, offering custom finishes, fast installation and easy maintenance.

Aesthetics and functionality for the modern bathroom.

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