June 29, 2019 | Updated: February 18, 2020

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The growing popularity of the small modern house

With the trend towards smaller households and soaring property prices many people today are thinking small is beautiful when it comes to looking for a home. Whether starting out on the first rung of the property ladder or downsizing as an empty nester the idea of a smaller home is more and more appealing. But small isn’t what it used to be and shouldn’t be confused with inferior, on the contrary there are distinct advantages to living in a small modern house. Nowadays interior design ideas for small houses can be found in the most prestigious interior design magazines and online platforms. Technology to some extent has expanded the idea of space and it is no exaggeration to say that small isn’t what it used to be.

Think tiny

Tiny house designs even have their own TV programme nowadays, with a small industry developing around the growth of mobile homes that can be hitched to a trailer and moved. These homes are indeed small in floor area however they are big in terms of ambition. Complete with all the paraphernalia of modern life, all the mod cons, just more tightly packed together. One important consideration however is where to locate these homes, because unless the tiny home is of off-grid then water and power utilities hoop-ups need to be considered.

small house design                                               Credits: @tsvet.in

Small is the new big

The advantages of smaller home design are obvious; reduced utility bills, less space to have to maintain, keep clean and tidy, as well as fewer visitors. Small house ideas are normally inspired by the idea of rooms and spaces doubling up. That is to say that the kitchen becomes a dining / living space, the spare bedroom becomes a home office, the bathroom may be shared.

small modern house                           Credits: @nerea.promayor

Design ideas for smaller living

Just like the spaces themselves how we furnish smaller houses is also important to plan. Size matters and by choosing a smaller two-seater sofa for example or a compact sideboard a living area will feel larger. Connecting with the outdoors with a garden, terrace or even a balcony can greatly affect the experience of living in a small house. Furniture that fulfils more than one function is another option, a fold out table that can also serve as a work desk, a coffee table that serves as a dining table, stackable chairs, a sofa bed; designs that ensure that a smaller house doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort.

small house ideas     Credits: @alterespacio

The environment: living green, living small

Perhaps one of the strongest arguments regarding downsizing with smaller house design is the savings with regards to energy consumption. At a time when we all should be trying to reduce our carbon foot print starting with the home seems like an important first step.

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