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Small bathroom ideas

When it comes to small bathroom ideas, it’s all about doing more with less. In fact, there’s absolutely no need to sacrifice style, comfort or functionality in the small bathroom. The following article provides tips and ideas on how to think big with your small bathroom.

If you’ve ever stayed in a boutique-style hotel and fallen in love with the bathroom, you’re not alone. The idea of having a pristine, luxurious space with beautiful tiles is a common aspiration. However, not all of us have the same spacious, opulent bathroom as hotels do.

Don’t worry though, there are still many ways to make your small bathroom feel larger and more luxurious. In this small bathroom ideas guide, we’ve compiled 15 of the best tips and tricks to help you transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

Small bathroom ideas - Porcelanosa


Simple Small Bathroom Ideas

For the smaller bathroom, it’s important to make smart choices and keep things simple to make the most of the limited space. Overall, when designing a small bathroom, it’s all about functionality, storage and light. Use neutral colours on walls and floors to make the space feel larger and be mindful of the scale of the fixtures and accessories you choose. Simple is best when it comes to small bathroom ideas.


15 Ideas for Small Bathrooms

The scope of this article includes ideas for large and small project budgets. And includes advice on the small family bathroom, ensuite and small toilet ideas. We include everything from layout, configuration, finishes, accessories and lighting.


1. Small bathroom layout ideas

If you are starting from scratch, take a scale piece of graph paper and cut out (to scale) the various sanitary elements you want to include in your small bathroom project.

Every house plan is different in one way or other. You will be surprised at how many ways there are to fit everything into space. The small bathroom layout must ensure that each artefact has enough space around it to be used correctly.


Small bathroom layout ideas


2. Small bathroom door ideas

With small bathrooms, especially ensuites, every inch or cm counts. Ensure that the door swings don’t take up too much space. There are several options that will help make the most of the space available.

  • Consider a pocket door or sliding door instead of a swing door.
  • Avoid the WC pan being directly in front of the bathroom door. This never looks good and can easily be avoided.
  • Provide storage on the back of the swing door for towels, bath robes and other accessories.


3. Walk-in shower ideas for small bathrooms 

One of the most practical small shower room ideas trending now is the wet-room concept. In other words, the entire bathroom is turned into a shower. The floor tiling is laid to a fall with drainage directed towards a central drain. The WC and the WHB must be positioned away from the shower head for the best results. A shower screen can be added but is not strictly necessary.


Walk-in shower ideas for small bathrooms

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4. Small bathroom flooring ideas

Once the general layout is fixed, there are still several ways to alter the perception of the bathroom space. This is principally achieved through the finishes like bathroom floor tiles, that shape the overall décor. The best small bathroom decor ideas should aim to open out the space and optimise the light.

  • A continuous flooring material helps to make small spaces appear larger than they are.
  • Porcelain or rectified ceramic floor tiles are great options in a large format. With fewer and less visible joints the room dimensions appear larger.
  • Choose neutral or off-white floor tiles for a brighter and warmer floor finish.


5. Small bathroom tile ideas

Similarly, wall tiles are also an excellent choice to amplify the sensation of space. The dimension and finish (matt or glossy) together with the colour choice will impact the small bathroom décor. The following ideas are a starting point:

  • Larger wall tiles with fewer joints help create an ‘infinity’ effect.
  • Brightly coloured or glossy tiles reflect light and make the space feel brighter.
  • Lay wall tiles up to the dado height around the bathroom perimeter with a bright complimentary colour to ceiling height. This tricks the eye into making the space appear larger than it is.
  • Textured or patterned tiles with a small motif can add visual interest and depth to the walls.


Small bathroom tile ideas


6. Small bathroom paint ideas

After wall tiles paint is the most popular finish in UK bathrooms. A brighter, more reflective colour palette helps open small spaces. Nevertheless, colour ideas for small bathrooms don’t have to be boring.

  • White or off-white tones open up the space and make small bathrooms appear larger.
  • A splash of colour, on the other hand, can help create the illusion of depth as well as a focal point in the room. Light shades of blue and green, for instance, have a calming effect and help make the bathroom feel spacious.
  • Less is more in the small bathroom. Both small bathroom paint ideas and bathroom wall tiles should complement the style of the décor. Stick with an overall feel or trend for the best results.


7. Small bathroom storage ideas

Sufficient small bathroom storage is essential to avoid clutter in the small bathroom. This will help make the most of the available space. As with everything else in the small bathroom, it’s all about making the most of every square inch or cm.

  • The underside of the WHB fitting provides the most practical storage.
  • Built-in shelves are one of the most undervalued small shower ideas. Create niches for bathing and grooming products within the shower cubicle.
  • The bathroom mirror should be combined with storage to save on space. Position the mirror strategically to help deepen the sensation of space.


Baths for small bathrooms

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8. Baths for small bathrooms

No matter how small your bathroom having a bathtub is non-negotiable for some people. There are two options with the bathtub, either built-in or free-standing. Both options can work in the small bathroom.

  • Free-standing bathtubs can actually make a small bathroom look larger than it is.
  • Bathtubs can measure as little as 140 cm, either built-in or freestanding.
  • The ideal area for the bath is below a high-level window. This is a great use of space and provides a handy shelf (the window sill).


9. Small toilet ideas for tiny bathrooms

In the small bathroom choosing the most appropriate sanitaryware is critical to its layout. Nowadays we recommend visiting your local showroom to see the range of options available. Aim for the ‘goldilocks rule’, neither too big nor too small.

  • A wall-mounted or floating WC helps make the space bathroom space look bigger. They are also easier to clean and have a sleek, modern appearance.
  • The concealed cistern WC helps with the perception of greater space in the bathroom. The cistern is accommodated within the wall or a boxed-out partition and controlled via flush plates.


Small toilet ideas for tiny bathrooms

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10. Wash Hand Basins for small bathrooms

The WHB is one of the two essential elements for the small bathroom, together with the WC. We recommend not skimping on size, the Wash Hand Basin is the one piece of kit that rewards generosity.

  • Combine the WHB with a shelf on the same level to create a sense of continuity and practical storage.
  • A corner Wash Hand Basin can look great and takes up otherwise wasted space.
  • The bathroom mirror, under-sink storage and the WHB should all be integrated as one element to help save on valuable wall space.


11. Small bathroom accessories

God is in the detail, or so the saying goes. With small bathroom ideas, this is doubly true. With the right accessories and lighting, the entire perception of the space can be radically altered. Small bathroom accessories including taps, radiators, towel rails and toilet roll holders should be sized correctly.

  • Non-fussy more contemporary designs work best in small spaces.
  • Chrome and metallics are especially recommended as they add sparkle and visual interest.


Small bathroom accessories


12. Small bathroom furniture ideas

Adding the right furniture also can make a small bathroom appear more spacious. Small bathroom furniture ideas include a storage unit below the WHB, a small stool, a table to place a feature Wash Hand Basin, planters to hold verdant planting, etc.


13, Small bathroom lighting

Like every other space in the house small bathroom lighting requires thought. Apart from natural sources, all bathrooms must have ambient and point light, that is a light over the bathroom mirror. Indirect lighting around the perimeter or sconce light fittings will help with the perception of space. If natural light is available, even just a skylight, that will contribute enormously to the sensation of comfort and space.


Small bathroom lighting

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14. Colour ideas for small bathrooms

When it comes to selecting the colour scheme for a small bathroom, it’s vital to opt for hues that can make the space appear more spacious and brighter. While there are several options to consider, off-white is an excellent choice as it creates an illusion of spaciousness and enhances natural light.

However, if you’re looking to add some depth and character to your bathroom, combining white with a more neutral colour palette, such as pastels, can create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The subtle shades of pastel colours, like light blue, pink or green, can make the space feel calm and serene while also adding a touch of elegance.

If you want to add a pop of colour to your bathroom, using a strong accent colour can be a great trick to create a focal point and highlight other contrasting tones. For instance, you could use a bold shade of navy blue or emerald green on the walls, towels or accessories, paired with neutral or off-white tones to make the colour stand out. Just make sure not to overdo it with too many bold colours as this can make the space feel overwhelming and cluttered.

Remember, when it comes to choosing a colour scheme for a small bathroom, it’s all about creating a balance between light and dark tones and using colours that complement each other to create a harmonious and inviting space.


15. Small bathroom décor ideas

Whatever style you choose for your small bathroom décor – rustic, modern, industrial etc. – there are some ground rules for the small bathroom. Follow these Top 10 Tips for a big bathroom experience.

  • Think bright and airy, and don’t put too many artefacts into the space.
  • Avoid clutter by providing ample storage.
  • Large-format floor tiles work best in small spaces. We recommend rectified tiles.
  • Try for a free-standing bathtub, if the space allows.
  • A glass shower screen is preferable.
  • Integrate furniture and sanitaryware with a storage unit WHB.
  • Colour schemes for small bathrooms should be bright and cheerful.
  • Provide a minimum of two sources of artificial lighting.
  • Keep accessories within a single material palette where possible.
  • Plants help evoke nature and so psychologically add dimension to the small bathroom.


Small bathroom décor


With all this choice of products and accessories, as well as decorative possibilities we recommend a visit to your nearest bathroom showroom. The small bathroom can be Tardis-like, seemingly much larger on the inside than it looks from the outside. Get the small bathroom right and it can add value to your home. However, to fully realise its potential, professional help is required with converting these small bathroom ideas into reality. We guarantee surprises!


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