September 10, 2019

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Small bathroom ideas

We would all love to bring the hotel bathroom back with us from holidays, a pristine, well worked out space that we can luxuriate in and spend time pampering ourselves. If your bathroom is less than palatial don’t despair however. There are many ways to make your small bathroom, shower room or WC feel more spacious. The following guide might help you when considering ways to redecorate or design your small bathroom. We’ve researched 10 of the best small bathroom ideas.

Credits: @decoruminteriordesign

  • Optimising the layout

This might involve moving things around to achieve a more practical layout. Making sure that the door swings do not take up valuable space. And that the sanitary ware and furniture are configured in the optimum way for a bathroom layout that includes shower, bath, wash hand basin and WC. 

  • Storage and clutter

The more storage and less clutter in the bathroom the larger it will seem. Choose storage units carefully and remember hanging wall units off walls helps clear floor space.

  • Cladding materials and finishes

Make sure that the cladding materials and flooring are not too fussy. While colour can add dimension it should be used sparingly, white and off white tends to expand small spaces.

  • Make the most of glass 

Using glass shower doors can give even a small bathroom the sensation of space. Mirrors together with reflective materials are another way of instantly achieving additional dimension.

Credits: @thegreeneyedgirl_

  • Roof space

If the bathroom, shower room or WC is located in a roof space under the eaves don’t be afraid to make a feature out of a sloping ceiling. Clad the underside of the sloped ceiling with matching tiles. 

  • WCs and shower rooms

Small spaces don’t have to be boring. Add a feature wall paper (ensuring that it is moisture resistant).

  • Colour and how to use it 

Generally speaking white or off-white tones tend to open a space and make it seem larger. However a dash of colour can help create an illusion of depth as well as a focal point in the room. 

Credits: @nimadesigninteriors

  • Furniture and accessories

Scale is important, a smaller piece of furniture will make a space look bigger while the opposite is also true. Keep accessories such as amenities and decorative objects to a minimum and choose carefully.

  • Allow for a dado rail

Simply by dividing the bathroom walls into two using a dado rail with tiling below and a painted or wall papered finish above. This is both practical and has an optical effect of making the ceiling appear taller.

  • Wet room for showers

By not having a shower tray or a shower screen but instead laying the entire floor to a fall towards a floor drain the sensation of space will be maximised.

Credits: @nodusstudioarch

Frequently Asked Questions regarding How to design small bathrooms 

No matter what size your bathroom is however embarking on a construction or refurbishment project is stressful and getting the best advice is important. Maximising the space in a small bathroom is a question of planning and good design. Trying to come to grips with small bathrooms designs can be confusing. The following is a checklist of FAQ regarding how to design small bathrooms and make the most of the space available.

What is the best colour for a small bathroom?

Off-white is a good choice or a combination of white with more neutral colour palette such as pastels. A strong colour accent however can be a great trick to highlight the other contrasting tones.

Can a small bathroom be painted a dark colour?

Yes but dark colours tend to make spaces appear smaller. If a dark colour is preferred it should be used sparingly on a feature wall for example, making sure that any available natural light is optimised. 

How do you make a small bathroom look bigger? 

See the above listing of 10 ideas for making a small bathroom appear more spacious.

How small can a bathroom be?

Surprisingly a modern bathroom with all the fittings can be accommodated within a space that measures as little as 1400mm in width with a minimum length of 1800mm.

What tile size looks best in a small bathroom?

For flooring keep it medium to small, if possible the same floor tile on the walls will in fact lend a sense of greater space.

What floor tiles are best for small bathrooms?

Porcelain or ceramic tiles are ideal choices because they are easy to maintain, are moisture resistant and highly durable.

How much does a small bathroom cost?

This is rather like asking how long is a piece of string? Even a limited budget however, spent on replacing wall tiles for example, will make a big impact on a space.

How to tile small bathrooms?

Great care should be taken when tiling a small bathroom because any mistake is easy to spot. Use the right scud or adhesive and ideally an antibacterial grout to avoid mould.

What size should small bathrooms be?

The minimum size required for a fully equipped bathroom with WC, wash hand basin and bath is 1400mm x 1800mm.

How to remodel small bathrooms?

Start with the don pipes and drain locations. Then work back taking into consideration where the sanitary ware can be located.

Credits: @thegosfordmama

For more information regarding making the most of your home and the space available see how technology can help. This article of smart homes is a good place to continue researching.


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