July 17, 2019 | Updated: January 22, 2020

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How to decorate a bathroom with a sloping roof design

A sloped ceiling may seem like an interior design challenge at first glance. Nonetheless, this architectural feature offers so many possibilities that you will never get tired of it. Follow these tips to learn how to take advantage of the uniqueness of a bathroom with a sloping roof design and create an intimate and inviting space in your home.

1. Leave the wooden beams of the sloped ceiling on view

Hydraulic tiles and exposed ceiling beams give the bathroom a rustic but elegant touch, perfect for those who like the farmhouse look but prefer a more modern aesthetic. Combine it with minimalist finishes to achieve a unique style that reflects a sharp, stunning look.

Credit: @walkerdesignltd

2. Build a shower under the sloping roof

Reserve the tallest portion of the room for the walk-in shower, adding in this way a large amount of practicality and style to your bathroom. In the same way, we recommend you to include a shower bench like the one shown in this picture. Why? Because it will make your showering experience easier and more enjoyable.

Credit: @berkshire.buid

3. Place the bath under the angled ceiling to make the most of the space

There are many ways of exploiting the space with the lowest ceiling height. However,  we suggest a particular one: to use it to set the bath, creating a focal point that attracts the viewer’s attention. With a variety of shapes, sizes and colours available, take the time to carefully choose the right bath to suit the layout of the space and the overall direction of the design.

Sloping roof design

Credit: @waterenvuurgroningen

4. Include a dormer window or a skylight to the sloping roof

You can never have too much natural light in a bathroom. In this regard, consider adding some dormer windows or several skylights to increase the openness of your space. Keep the rest of your bathroom decor white to let the natural light reflect around while allowing you to feel energized.

Credit: @berkshire.build

5. Don’t forget to include a big mirror in your bathroom decor

Mirrors are essential in this kind of bathroom. They increase the available light and give the place a more spacious look. In the same way, we recommend you to use neutral colours and natural finishes such as stone and wood, to create a bathroom that feels both earthy and sophisticated, modern and timeless.

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