June 20, 2017 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Slim and Arch: relaxing in the bathroom with the new freestanding bathtubs from KRION®

With the big aim of improving everyone’s quality of life through the spaces in which they live, the PORCELANOSA Grupo continues to bank on the research of design and materials which ensure maximum comfort.

Slim and Arch, the new Solid Surface freestanding bathtubs developed by KRION® BATH, have come about with a clear objective: to provide bathroom spaces with calmness through a design which is based on the material purity and harmony in shapes.

Aesthetical harmony thanks to material purity

Only a material like the KRION® Solid Surface could convey peace and quiet without compromising exclusivity in the design. The acrylic stone developed by Systempool is characterised by both being warm to touch and having a similar beauty to natural stone. Furthermore, it is provided with some distinctive technical properties, since it has been manufactured with mineral materials.

The lack of porosity in the KRION® Solid Surface enhances its pleasant touch even more. Its anti-bacterial properties make it become the ideal choice for wet areas such as the bathroom. Its strength, resistance and easy cleaning, together with its possibilities to create unbelievable designs, strongly reinforce its uniqueness even more.

Hence, the blending of a different material with a design where simplicity and balance dominate have resulted in these two-new minimal-inspiring bathtub models with pure shapes.

Arch: the power of simplicity

The Arch bathtub comes from the power of simplicity. With an oval shape, it comes in 160×75 cm and 170×75 cm sizes. It has a carefully worked primitive touch inspired by natural stone, both in its design and touch, since the KRION Solid Surface imitates the perception of natural stone because of being composed of two thirds of natural minerals (ATH: Alumina Tri-hydrate). This way, one can get a non-porous material, which hardly needs any maintenance, with easy-to-clean properties, record durability and resistance not seen before.

Slim: design reduced to the minimum

For its part, the Slim bathtub is simply perfect when we want that special place to get away from it all. Coming in a 170 x 80 cm size and counting on the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact as the only raw material, it organically conveys purity, elegance and freshness. Furthermore, its spotless white matt provides the bathroom with tidiness, cleanliness and brightness.

Superior in technical terms, both with built-in overflow and trim for the click-clack type plug hole, the flashiness and other aesthetical values have been bypassed in its design. These two freestanding bathtubs convey exclusivity and beauty, in line with a minimal design and the purest simplicity.

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