June 8, 2023

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Slate Tiles: Hard Wearing & Beautiful by Nature

The versatility, strength and good looks of slate tiles make them an enduring choice for home décor. No other finish can be both rustic yet cutting edge, hard wearing yet beautiful, characterful yet adaptable to any style.

Slate is a raw material that appeals to our primal sense of beauty and strength. Our ancestors laid slate flags in their homes, protected their roofs with slate and practised writing skills with chalk on slate. Slate is found naturally within the UK landscape and is commonly used as a construction material.

We associate slate with traditional buildings, nowadays however slate tiles are gaining ground once again in cutting-edge modern interior design. Keep reading to unlock the captivating possibilities of this enduring material.


Natural Black slate wall tile

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The Ultimate Guide to Slate Tiles

Slate is a type of foliated metamorphic rock. It contains fine particles of quartz, mica and other minerals. All of them were transformed together into stone under conditions of great heat and pressure. That is the reason for its density and strength.

Traditionally, slate was used as a roofing material. For good reason. With its low water absorption (less than 0.4%) and peerless strength, slate is ideal for keeping the rain out.

Thanks to the foliated structure, slate can be split into even layers. This allows for different thicknesses to be evenly produced. From the fine slates for roofs to the heavy slate base typically used for billiard tables.

Nothing matches slate for its versatility to compliment different styles of décor. For UK homes slate looks at home, like it belongs. There are, however, numerous ways of featuring slate tiles in the home.

Through this article, we have collected the best examples and advice. Get the most from natural slate tiles in your home.


What are the Advantages of Slate Tiles

For sheer strength and durability, it’s hard to beat slate. Slate tiles are an ideal choice for floors that need to withstand heavy footfall. They will last and last, and unlike other flooring, slate tiles actually improve with age. The advantages of natural slate tiles include the following:

  • Hardwearing: Thanks to its geological formation, slate tiles are resistant to heat and are very dense. With the right care, they will last and last.
  • Low porosity: Slate varies in its porosity according to the geographical area. Depending on the use, low porosity is an advantage, as kitchen flooring for example.
  • Good looks: The natural finish of slate features wide-ranging decorative effects. From smooth to rough, monochrome to multi-coloured.
  • Versatile: Slate is available in a large range of dimensions, including mosaic and large floor tiles measuring 60 cm sq.
  • Good value: Slate is one of the more affordable natural stone finishes for interior décor. With slate tiles, the interior design evokes durability and noble materials.


Care and Maintenance of Slate Tiles

Slate is a natural flooring material. Its hardwearing and resistant qualities make it ideal for the kitchen and entrance flooring. However, slate tiles will require some maintenance. Nevertheless, it’s worth the effort when you see the results.

Slate tiles should be protected with sealing treatments. For this purpose, we use a high-quality water-oil repellent sealer that protects the stone from moisture, saltpetre and other household stains, while also enhancing the natural colour of the stone. Depending on the location and foot traffic, the sealant will have to be reapplied. If looked after properly, the slate tiles will last decades.

To clean slate tile flooring on an ongoing basis, follow these simple-to-do steps:

  • Sweep with a gentle brush. Use a soft bristle and, then, go over with a dust mop to remove finer particles of dirt.
  • Dilute a non-acidic detergent in lots of warm water, approximately 1/20 ratio. Mop gently and rinse often.
  • Dry off with a clean cloth.
  • Remove stains immediately from the slate floor with a brush and soapy water.
  • If the surface is very exposed to the weather, we recommend washing it once a year with a slightly acid solution to remove any limescale that has built up due to the weather conditions.

Natural slate wall and floor tiles in a bathroom

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Slate Tile Finishes and Colours

One of the most unusual features of slate is its colour variations. Even within the same seam of rock, there can be a variety of different colours. This natural patterning recalls marble, or granite and is highly decorative.

Nevertheless, black and grey are the most popular colours that we associate with slate tiles. Either one of these tones can look smart in the different rooms and outdoor areas of the home. Black slate tiles are normally used more for industrial or avant-garde style décor. While grey slate tiles, on the other hand, are a little cosier and rustic.

Note, slate has the added advantage of foliation in its structure. In other words, when roughly cut its texture is unlike any other stone. The effect is almost three-dimensional with an organic quality. What is more, its surface texture affects how we perceive the colour.


Interior Design Ideas with Slate Tiles: Black Slate Tiles Vs Grey Slate Tiles

The different effects of black slate tiles versus grey slate tiles are highly marked in home decor. The following examples include how best to feature slate floor tiles and slate wall tiles around the home. Choosing black or grey will provide very different results.

Entrance Hall

Timeless and classic black slate tiles flooring in the entrance hall or porch is a statement of intent. Combine a smooth finish with a minimalist décor to create a stylish first impression. Even smooth slate has anti-slip properties which makes slate tiles the ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms and halls.

Slate bathroom two-tone matching wall and floor tiles


Slate tiles in the bathroom transport us back to our original habitats. The combination of water and stone evokes ancestral cave dwellings and looks preordained. Slate bathroom tiles on walls and flooring capture the delicate condensation of a shower and bath. Therefore, the stone’s beauty together with the sensation of safety and protection is ideal for impacting bathroom décor.

Unquestionably, nothing looks better than white sanitary ware against a slate floor and wall tiles. The subtle patina of the smooth or the sculpted rough cut looks like two materials destined to be together. One showcasing the other in perfect contrasting harmony.




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Slate Tile for Rustic & Avantgarde Kitchens

The effect can be very different by choosing black or grey slate tiles in the kitchen. Smooth black slate floor tiles provide a crisp and hygienic look that works well with timber, metal and other stone worktops. Black slate can be a substitute for crockery and is increasingly being used for serving food in gastronomic restaurants. Slate’s low porosity makes it easy to clean off and contrasts beautifully with colourful cuisine.

Grey, on the other hand, is a warmer and more nuanced flooring option. While black is stark and designer, grey is more friendly and subtle. Combine grey with white to add character to sterile cabinetry. Grey slate tiles have the added advantage of camouflaging dirt and are easier to maintain over time.

Tip: we recommend playing with a laying pattern for the slate kitchen floor tiles. It helps reinforce the décor style.

Natural slate living room natural slate wall tile with fireplace

Living Room

Slate tiles are recommended for underfloor heating installations. That makes slate tiles the perfect finish for living room floors. They have good thermal conductivity and heat up quickly.

The slate tile fireplace and hearth are also great places to incorporate wall tiles. In particular, the classic hearth can be made to look highly contemporary with wall tiles.

Regardless of the living room dimensions, the slate tiles can create an exceptional feature wall. That adds a focal point and helps organise the overall space.

When it comes to colour, black and grey play different roles to create specific atmospheres. Black slate tiles with a lighter colour grout help add a more modern aesthetic to the living room décor.

On the other hand, grey slate tiles are more contemporary than black. Grey is trending right now in home décor and never looks tired or unfashionable. Grey slate is the most typical UK colour and always looks at home in the softer northern latitude light. Warm grey slate is great for making a cosier setting.

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Slate Tiles for Exterior Use

Natural materials, like stone and slate, look great on garden terraces. The cleft surface and the roughness create a natural non-slip finish. Additionally, the colour variations allow the slate tiles to integrate with the surroundings as they belong there naturally.

Slate is perfect for making the transition between indoors and outdoors. For the conservatory flooring that opens to a terrace (or a lawn), slate tiles are both practical and visually impacting. Slate can absorb the heat of the sun and radiate it over the evening hours. There’s no need to change flooring between inside and out because slate performs well under all weather conditions.


Transform Your Home with Slate Tiles

We have explored the ways in which slate tiles can significantly enhance home décor in different areas, both inside and outside. With the right colour, texture and size, slate tiles can bring out the best in your home. To really appreciate all the amazing qualities of slate, however, you should visit your nearest Porcelanosa showroom.

Click here to learn about and admire this local stone that for too long has been taken for granted. You will never think of slate tiles in the same way again.


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