27 April 2022


A home brimming with light and contemporary design

Architecture studio García Floquet designs Three Courtyard House, a family home that unites the indoor and outdoor spaces through the use of collections by PORCELANOSA.

Featuring two asymmetric exposed white concrete volumes that connect the property's various levels to its surroundings, Three Courtyard House masterfully blends maximalist structures with a contemporary interior design scheme loaded with natural textures and warm hues.

Designed by architecture studio García Floquet Arquitectos with collections by PORCELANOSA, the family home represents a firm bet on minimalist style, with pronounced light sources, open-plan, partition-free rooms, and décor dominated by Nordic furnishings and straight lines.

A décor scheme that prioritises simplicity

As you walk across the central courtyard through the walkway connecting the garden to the first floor, you come across a broad, spacious room. This room uses PORCELANOSA's Bottega flooring to bring the kitchen and living room together, with a steel hue that extends the design from the interior outdoors. Bottega large format porcelain tiles have been used to pave a significant portion of the home, thanks to their neutral tones and excellent resistance, and they marry perfectly with the central wooden table and sober, black-lacquered kitchen.

The interplay between beige, white and black echoes the contrasts of the surrounding landscape, ushering them into the bedrooms, and the balanced nature of the materials and natural light enhance the sense of spaciousness throughout.

A design scheme that emphasises simple lines, elevating the wall and floor tiles to decorative status. This is true of the main bathrooms. Wall-mounted wooden units are framed by stone-textured Prada ceramic tiles (Porcelanosa) and marble-inspired XTONE® sintered mineral tiles. This successfully links the nature outdoors to the family life within.

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