April 23, 2014 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Signature spaces by L’Antic Colonial: The senses by SB Architects

Among the spaces designed by renowned architects and interior designers with L’Antic Colonial materials for the 21st PORCELANOSA Group International Exhibition is The Senses space designed and named by SB Architects.The company collaborated with a studio which is internationally renowned for its building of large hotels and resorts such as the Anassa Hotel & Spa in Cyprus, the 88 building in San José (California) or the Bahia Beach Golf Club complex in Puerto Rico.SB Architects represent an oriental inspired bathroom in a Zen setting which used water as the main layout feature, in its aim to create an open and flowing relation between the different zones. Different levels were used, instead of using a dividing element to separate the different functions and uses within the space.Simple straight lines and combinations of materials define the main features of this space designed by SB Architects, as can be seen in the recessed Navona wash basin with a Vancouver natural stone countertop and Link Floor Oak Dark covering which extends over to the bathtub. The shower tray and bathtub are especially made in Patagonia slate for the showroom.The careful selection of L’Antic Colonial materials imitates Asian landscapes, which is perfectly presented with the Patagonia, Habana Dark and Vancouver covering as well as the Wood Brick mosaic tile, used for floors and walls in the space. These features enhance the LinkFloor; Oak Cinamon, Oak Dark and Contract Sand collection models which were used to define the different areas.SB Architects undertake a personal approach on this oriental tradition. The firm, with 50 years of experience, has received over 200 awards for its design excellence and currently has offices in San Francisco, Miami (USA) and Shenzhen (China).

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