May 21, 2014 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Signature spaces by L’Antic Colonial: Eric Kuster

The influence of the fashion world is clear in the “metropolitan luxury” space designed for L’Antic Colonial by Eric Kuster, who is famous for combining his designs with glamour, comfort and sophistication.

The centre space is occupied by a shower area which creates continuity with the small pond, whilst the remaining elements, such as the wash basins and shelves are placed on the sides of the space, marking a play of 3-dimensional blocks.

The Dutch designer combines different mosaic materials over the floors and walls of his signature space, with Fabric glass mosaics (Fabric Copper and Fabric Lead), Arabia glass mosaics (Arabia Eclipse and Arabia Silver), as well as the Skyline Strip Habana Brown Modul natural stone.

A harmonious balance is created with the Quebec Classico BIOprot coverings and floorings in a special format which contrasts with the shapes of the tiles, creating a sober yet elegant feel in the bathroom.

The most striking element of this bathroom by Eric Kuster is the two natural stone Soul Hollow BIOprot Habana Brown wash basins; an exclusive edition especially made for this space.

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