December 30, 2013 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Signature Spaces by L’Antic Colonial are getting ready

L’Antic Colonial’s showroom renovations are in full swing. For another year, six internationally renowned professionals from architecture and interior design fields shall create the new signature spaces for L’Antic Colonial.Eric Kuster, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Nuno Brandão, Fran Silvestre, Ramón Esteve and Fernando Arteaga, from SB Architects, are the designers of these new exhibition spaces by L’Antic Colonial which shall be open to the public from the 3rd February for the twenty-first International Architecture Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group, and can be visited throughout 2014.The space by Eric Kuster is inspired by modern architecture, defined through textures and volumes. The area simulates 3 -dimensional blocks. In the central space is a shower tray, followed by a small pond which transmits positive feelings and good vibes. This author’s passion for textile design, combined with a world of possibilities which this brand specialised in natural materials at PORCELANOSA Group offers, reflects an exclusive and luxurious Metropolitan Luxury.Eduardo Souto de Moura, one of the greatest exponents in Portuguese architecture, has chosen large format natural wood floor combined with neutral white marble walls to create a habitable home in just 25 m². His space for the L’Antic Colonial showroom is comfortable and functional by means of simplicity which is the basis of this renowned architect’s work. Eduardo Souto de Moura’s space is defined by pure and clear lines, using separating elements to divide public and private areas.Precision in detail and the use of few materials shape the starting point of this space designed by Fran Silvestre, who has already participated in the 2012 L’Antic Colonial Signature spaces. For this edition, the young architect from Valencia combines textures and lights, using a reduction in natural stone which can be backlit. In his proposal, Fran Silvestre presents three independent spaces that are connected by the same essence; different textures and polished, brush hammered and sandblasted natural stone finishes being the main focus.Nuno Brandão has created a contemporary and comfortable domestic space. A polished Persian White marble block is home to a bathroom which is the project’s central element. The Eden 1L Texture Nut natural wood parquet floor wraps itself around the marble block, accompanied by different marble elements which mark the space’s different functions. This young Portuguese architect perfectly combines his informal and fresh style with the equipment by the British designer Jasper Morrison.The project by Ramón Esteve is inspired by natural spaces like thermal waters from volcanic activity. His work stands out for its versatility. Volumes and lights enter into play, giving the space character inside the large two walls which divide and articulate it, composed of a backlit wood and stone mosaic. The washbasin and bathtub are made with Habana Dark marble which are its main features whilst the shower and toilet are found in a more private area.Finally, the reputable company specialised in the design of hotels, resorts and homes is SB Architects, who have recreated a traditional Asian bathroom with materials by L’Antic Colonial. Fernando Arteaga has created an open design to configure a Ying- Yang setting for the visitor, using different heights to distinguish between the many functions and uses of a bathroom without giving up the open-plan relationship between the areas.

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