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Showers: the experience in the bathroom inspired by nature

In order for a bath bathroom to become the ideal retreat to escape from daily   stresses, it is essential to be able to bank on equipment which measures up to one’s needs and demands. Firstly, it must have a carefully-designed aesthetics which provides the bathroom with harmony and exclusivity, secondly, it must be equipped with the most state-of-the-art technology, so that the user can enjoy a shower experience full of sensations and comfort.

Noken, from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, is the specialised firm in bathroom equipment, and it offers innovative designs inspired by a natural waterfall which provides the user with a completely refreshing experience. As stated by the firm Noken, ‘water, in its unstoppable flow, in its continuous renovation, becomes our inspiration’.

Hence, the firm has developed some innovative wellness designs with solutions that evoke a dreamlike oasis where water, peace, and nature are the main characters. Pieces have been created to enhance each sensation to the max, making the daily shower become a real luxury experience.

Further than the aesthetical beauty

The PORCELANOSA Grupo, when setting up its products for bathroom equipment, takes aesthetics to the maximum exponent and is aware that an attractive design is not enough unless it provides an excellent service, along with being functional and giving comfort to the user.

The design entails some facets like a precise monitoring of the water temperature, the creation of designs with practically no maintenance, the conception of models which are resistant and light in weight at the same time, or the idea of multifunctional mechanisms which enable the user to choose the feeling and richness of the water. Design is both sensations and experiences. Design is to offer the highest quality to ensure unique shower experiences for the user.

The innovative functional showers by Noken, in 8 characteristics

  1. Commitment to sustainability by Noken

Noken’s commitment to the environment starts from the very first rough outline to the manufacturing of the final product. The early planning of the product development process allows for the best choice of materials and also for reaching a high level of efficiency in the resources.

This is the reason why our products ensure an economical and eco-friendly use of both water and energy. For instance, the Giro shower head, along with Mood and Lounge, are equipped with an ECO aerator and flow limiters in order to reduce the use of water and energy.

  1. The care taken in the tiniest detail

With the aim of offering the user the highest quality, design, innovation and customisation, Noken has plenty of finishes where chrome, gold, copper, titanium or white are found, therefore, the firm provides each bathroom with a distinctive special and unique style.

  1. Multifunctional shower heads

One of the most innovative designs with regard to shower heads turns out to be the multifunction system, in other words, technology which lets the user select different types of waterfall effects.

For instance, the Lounge shower head provides a relaxing tropical rain effect, an overhead water jet or the feeling of being under a waterfall, therefore, offering the user a unique relaxing experience.

  1. Shower heads which convey sensations

Escaping from the daily stresses is possible thanks to the shower heads with different water outlets from Noken. Being under the Seasons shower head, is like taking someone to a spa where they can enjoy the benefits of chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

Water combines with different heat cycles, which provide the atmosphere with harmony, balance and comfort. Specifically, we are dealing with 16 colour possibilities, grouped into three programmes: Energy, consisting of warm colours which give off vitality, as well as that all important refreshed feeling; Relaxation, which, through cold colours, provides peace and tranquillity; and Sensations, which is a result of the combination of the previous two.

Both chromotherapy and aromatherapy provide a huge number of benefits, such as emotional balance, deep relaxation and mood enhancement.

  1. XXL Shower heads

Inspired by the hydrotherapy centres, the NK Logic shower heads in large horizontal showers offer a revitalizing effect which helps to relax the muscles, to moisturize the skin, and to relax body, mind and soul.

In addition to this, it includes the possibility of setting up personal programmes on the basis of the user’s physiological needs.

  1. Maximum control in the manufacturing processes

In order to ensure the highest quality of its products, Noken makes a big effort to maintain highly demanding quality controls and standards.

  1. Durability

One of the characteristics that is worth highlighting, is the durability and resistance of Noken models. Thanks to the anti-scaling properties of its finishes, the accumulation of limescale and dirt is avoided, therefore, practically no maintenance and cleaning are required.

  1. Installation options

Last, but not least, Noken offers showers and shower heads with different installation systems. Wall, ceiling-mounted, recessed… are some of the options offered by the firm so that each user chooses the option which best suits their needs, along with the style desired for their bathroom.

Unlimited shower designs with Noken.

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