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Shower tile ideas for the home

One of the main aims of good design is to make life easier while at the same time performing the function required of it. The use of tiles in the shower is a good example; the bathroom is a humid and generally restricted space so it has specific requirements. Ceramics address these challenges perfectly and do so much more. Tiling ideas for bathrooms such as ceramics withstand humid conditions thanks to their low porosity, require almost zero maintenance and can last for years. Different ceramic options can be very attractive with a myriad of choice to create the desired décor. Here below we look at some bathroom tile ideas for the shower and beyond.

Planning the shower

One of the most important things to get right in the bathroom is the shower. The shower enclosure should be water tight, whether that be achieved with a glass shower door or curtain (or double curtain if incorporated within a bathtub). To ensure that no water drains onto the bathroom floor a lip or threshold should be allowed for at the shower entrance. Ideally this should be finished in the same material as the shower enclosure, or alternatively the same flooring as the bathroom. In the case of a shower sliding door a neoprene profile helps keep splash water within the shower. For shower trays that are level with the bathroom floor the slope of the drainage should ensure that the water drains back within the cubicle or enclosure.

Shower cubicle or niche

The shower cubicle or niche can be treated as an extension of the bathroom walls or as a separate recess within the overall space. Perhaps for smaller bathrooms it’s best to keep the same finish inside the shower area, a niche, using the same wall tiles. While a different tile can be used for the shower enclosure within larger bathrooms, resembling more a cubicle. These tiles can match in colour but are perhaps subtly different in size, orientation or finish. Alternatively a contrasting tile or accent tile can be used to create a feature within the bathroom.

Shower tile ideas

The right choice of bathroom wall tiles

The properties of ceramics as we have already established are ideal for humid conditions. The ceramic finish within the shower enclosure can imitate natural stone, marble, wood, metal or glass. The tiles can be monochrome, have a geometric motif or be three dimensional. The mosaic tile is another option which is particularly appropriate for smaller bathrooms. Tiles can be large or small, laid vertically, horizontally or alternatively in a herring bone pattern. With ceramic tiles the decorative choices are endless.

Shower tile ideas

Building in details

For a more integrated shower enclosure tiling ideas for the bathroom can include recessed shelves that use the same ceramic tile as the enclosure. This is both a practical and attractive addition that avoids clutter in the space as well as providing an easily cleanable surface. The perfect place to store shampoo, soaps and other accessories.

Shower Tile Ideas

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