July 24, 2019 | Updated: October 20, 2021

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Savvy interior design

As opposed to clever or intelligent the term ‘savvy’ is more about street smarts, being practical, or in the know. The concept of ‘savvy interior design’ can refer to the numerous technological advances that the consumer can currently take advantage of in order to make the home more efficient, more economical and make life easier in general. With the IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) connectedness has moved from the realm of science fiction to reality. How can we go about making our interiors more ‘savvy’?

Savvy interior design in kitchens
Krion™ K·Life in the kitchen

The Smart Home

There are a number of commercially available apps and devices for converting the home into a smart or automated home. Some are controlled by interactive voice recognition devices and others through mobile phone apps or tablets. These work on the basis of a coordinated and connected control over systems like lighting, heating, air conditioning, entertainment media and security features. Some of the better known ones are Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s HomePod. Managed properly the increased control can save money and energy.

The smart kitchen

The smart kitchen is one of the areas of the home where ‘savvy’ design can add greatly to home comfort. From the connected fridge to smart taps, the latest electro domestic devices like the smart oven to a robot mop. The Siri or the Alexa home assistant can help convert the amateur cook into a master chef with their access to online recipes, metric conversion and helpful advice.

For more specific ways for turning your kitchen into a savvy kitchen follow this link.

The smart bathroom

The other room in the house that is most filled with gadgets and plumbing is the bathroom, a place where technology goes hand in hand with wellbeing. Water is at the heart of our health needs, from bathing to brushing our teeth, flushing the toilet to washing our hands. Consuming water responsibly should be a priority, for ideas on how to be more ‘savvy’ about saving water in the bathroom follow the link.

The smart toilet

But nowadays there are others aspects to making the bathroom more ‘savvy’. Like the smart toilet that removes the flush button (or lever) replacing it with an automatic sensor that knows when a flush is required. Or the smart toilet seat which is already main stream in some parts of the world, countries like Japan where all things related to water and hygiene are sacred. The seat can convert the toilet into a hybrid bidet, is heated for additional comfort, has a Led lighting feature and can even connect with a sound system in the bathroom.

Savvy interior design in bathrooms
NK Concept Intelligent Toilet from Noken

The smart bathroom mirror

The bathroom mirror is a staple of the morning routine. The smart bathroom mirror is simply an interactive addition that involves two way mirrored glass with a computer display located directly behind. This can be programmed to show the weather forecast, traffic, the day’s schedule ahead or anything else that makes the day ahead more manageable.

Savvy interior design in bathrooms
Pure Line mirror from Noken. It is all cutting-edge technology, due to its LED lighting, anti-fog and Bluetooth system.

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