January 7, 2022


A practical modern apartment in Rome

Designed by Italian architect Sara Bordoni, the B&M house is designed for the occupants to enjoy home life with exclusive, bright rooms featuring PORCELANOSA collections.

Filled with natural light and organic textures, this three-storey home in Rome combines urban style with warm materials through the PORCELANOSA collections. Designed by architect Sara Bardoni, with an emphasis on practicality and well-being, this apartment brings together all the rooms to facilitate the daily life of the occupants. The living room (on the third floor) leads into the kitchen via white sliding doors that blend into the white walls. This Scandinavian minimalism is given a warmer feeling by the use of Minnesota Camel ceramic wood from Porcelanosa (PAR-KER®) for flooring throughout the house, providing a balance with the furniture and fittings.

Black and white interiors

Black is an integral part of the style of the kitchen and bathrooms. With a black and white design that optimises working space, the Gamadecor Residence 3.70 Blanco Snow rectangular kitchen design emphasises the room's spaciousness with integrated furniture and black walls reminiscent of onyx.

In the bathrooms, a more sober style has been chosen, combining grey tones (Samoa Antracita flooring by Porcelanosa) and uneven surfaces (Dubai White and Belice Acero wall tiles by Porcelanosa and Butech Pro-part decorative trim). Special attention has been paid to symmetry with Gamadecor furniture, Noken metallic taps (Hotels and Tono) and Krion Shell® Line shower trays. These items also contribute to a continuous design that connects all parts of the house. This type of shower tray promotes sustainability (it contains at least 5% recycled PET) and improves safety in the bathroom due to its mineral composition, resilience and hygienic properties.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architecture: Sara Bordoni

Photo: Andrea Brandino

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