August 29, 2019 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Sadasi: the Mudejar-inspired hexagonal ceramic by L´Antic Colonial

The collection can be used both indoors and outdoors and it is available in seven colours.

The pieces, in a matt finish and with a asymmetric surface, enhance its traditional character.

The Sadasi collection by L´Antic Colonial is inspired by creative handmade techniques, adapted to current trends in ceramic decor. The hexagonal shaped pieces have neutral tones and bright colours and this makes combining them in indoor and outdoor spaces easier.


Handcrafted compositions which are moisture-resistant

Sadasi is based on the principles of modern architecture by merging handcrafts and functionality. Each piece has irregular edges and asymmetries on its surface, common characteristics in those 12th century buildings.

This material can be used both for outdoor and indoor wall tiles and floor tiles, and it is suitable for shower walls and wet areas as well. Its size is 12cm x 14cm x 1cm, and this allows for compositions to be made with wood. It can also be embedded into the wall, which provides the series with great versatility.

Sadasi from L´Antic Colonial has a wide range of colours: SALE neutrals in grey tones, IFRANE in white and FES in green; bright colors like ASILAH pink, MARRAKECH yellow and green CHAUEN. SAFI is the model with the greatest character because of having a black finish whose irregularity stands out on the surface.


A modern-day ceramic which pays tribute to designs from other ages, providing the space in which it is installed with a most unique character.

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