October 25, 2019 | Updated: December 31, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Royal Gardens, a deluxe residential development in front of the Adriatic Sea

The Mitarh architecture studio has built this 10,000m2 building, and it has used vertical gardens and light structures alongside PORCELANOSA Group materials.

The facade of this housing complex has been built with the KRIONTM mineral compact and Airslate by L’Antic Colonial; its dimensions are 5,200m2.

With an eye on the Adriatic Sea and the movement of its waves, the residential Royal Gardens in Budva (Montenegro) reproduces the colours and the sway of that maritime landscape with materials from PORCELANOSA Group.

Built by the Mitarh studio, this project represents that new Balkan architecture inspired by brutalism and architectural rationalism, creating a new style based on sustainability, volume combinations and minimalist design. This is reflected in its 5,200m2 facade, which breaks with the homogeneity of the building through curved and wavy lines.

This movement effect is achieved with the KRIONTM mineral compact and the Airslate slate by L’Antic Colonial. The combination of both collections generates an original design in which the pure white which defines KRIONTM contrasts harmoniously with the grey of Airslate, thus reproducing the landscape richness of the Balkan Peninsula.The aforementioned result could be achieved after the previous study and after the intervention of the technical team from Butech, who followed each and every phase of the project to the letter.


A Balkan route between the sea and the mountain

The project that has been developed by Branislav Mitrovic and Jelena Kuzmanovic from the Mitarh studio, reproduces the geography of Montenegro, where karst formations and craters combine with the leafiest forests until reaching the Danube. All these natural environments have a place in Royal Gardens through vertical gardens and terraces which flow into the Adriatic.

The importance acquired by the KRIONTM Solid Surface in this building is great. Thanks to its thermocurving capacity, its easy cleaning and maintenance; its pure white and its absence of joints, the architects who have participated in this project have been able to shape that voluminous and circular facade. Fixing this design which turns and entangles itself, has been possible with the K-Fix application by Butech, an anchoring system which strengthens each of the building elements without altering the composition of the building.

Inside the building, natural materials have also been placed to reinforce the Balkan orography in which this complex is situated. This is the case of the Artisan 1L Wilde and Tortona 1L parquets, as well as the natural stone wall tiles by L´Antic Colonial.


For the reception and the hallways, the Urbatek XLight Premium sintered mineral surface has been chosen in the Savage Dark Polished and Kala White Polished finishes.

That interior design which returns to the classic Carrara marble is complemented by the Oxford ceramic parquet floor by Par-KerTM (Porcelanosa) and with the natural wood furniture by Gamadecor, such as Leaf or those carved in stone (Forma by L’Antic Colonial). As well as that, Noken, the bathroom company, has incorporated its Urban C Cromo dispensers, lightening that stately interior design with more cutting-edge pieces.


Photography:Slaven Vilus

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