November 5, 2019

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The round mirror, a timeless classic fitting for bathrooms

Design that features pure geometry has an appeal that transcends time, culture and style. The round bathroom mirror is expressed as a perfect circle with or without a frame that is fixed to the wall, or suspended from a wall support. The round wall mirror or round hanging mirror should be positioned symmetrically over the wash hand basin for the optimum effect. Together with the customisation of the frame and Led lighting the round mirror can provide a designer feature around which the entire space can be decorated. Here below we look at some examples to inspire and inform your choice of round wall mirror.

Round mirror styles and practical applications

Suitably located the round decorative bathroom mirror can not only facilitate our morning and evening grooming but enhance the space. There are numerous styles and designer flourishes in round glass mirror options available to complement the bathroom décor. The Art Deco style was probably the most pure in terms of geometric inspiration. Vintage round mirror styles from that period are typically oversized and surrounded with intricate geometric motifs. The more contemporary round industrial mirror features a metal surround, which can have a deep reveal or a simple raw finish. While the round scandi mirror features a wood frame, either raw or treated. Porcelanosa produce a line that can be customised for individual bathrooms according to design features and incorporated technology such as Bluetooth and speakers. 

round mirror

How to decorate a round mirror 

The round mirror can be recessed or flush with the wall finish. Depending on the surrounding wall treatment the frame can become a feature. A round mirror black frame will contrast with a light ceramic tile background while a round mirror wood frame will compliment a painted or wallpapered surface. 

round mirror

How to hang a round mirror 

Whether it be a round frameless mirror, round wooden mirror or round metal mirror the same approach is recommended. The average eye-line of the UK male is 160 cm or 5 ft. 2 inches off the floor (slightly less for females), this should mark the centre point of the mirror.  The 60 cm round mirror is an ideal size for the average bathroom, measured across its diameter. Ensure that the round wall mirror is securely fixed with appropriate fixings for the type of wall, i.e. block or stud wall.

round mirror

How to light a bathroom mirror 

The ambient illumination within the bathroom can be provided by the bathroom mirror lighting. Depending on where the Leds are placed the effect is very different. With frontal Leds the round illuminated bathroom mirror becomes an enhanced grooming tool like the old Hollywood stars’ dressing room mirrors. If placed behind the mirror surface the reflected light creates an aura around the mirror. The Noken range of round mirrors includes Led lighting and an option of a magnetic magnifying mirror. 

round mirror

Another option is Liem, a brand new bathroom furniture collection by Noken that includes a stylish retro round mirror with walnut veneer.


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