March 19, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


River, versatility and organic lines in the new wall tiles from Porcelanosa

River is the new Ston-Ker porcelain tile collection from Porcelanosa. Widely known as the ceramic stone from the firm, this is an amazingly resistant ceramic material whose surface remains unaffected by the most extreme weather conditions.

This new series is presented in a rectangular format which comes in a 59.6cmx120cm size and in three finishes: Antracita, Silver and Stone. All of them start from a grey base with diagonal veining. ‘Stone’ is the lightest grey tone, ‘Silver’ shows a darker grey tone, and ‘Antracita’ is a dark grey which is close to black.

The organic lines found in its design are inspired by the reflection of the crystal-clear waters, whose transparency allows for the polished stone to be seen because of the water that runs over the course of time.

Functional aesthetic versatility

River is available in an anti-slip version, which results in many more possibilities since it can be used in outdoor spaces such as terraces and pool surroundings, as well as indoors, in bathrooms and kitchens.

Whether it is used as a wall tile or a floor tile, its aesthetic qualities perfectly meet the requirements of any room, where it provides elegance and sobriety.

Invisible joints with Colorstuk rapid

The best complement for the installation of ceramic floor and wall tiles such as River, is Colorstuk rapid by Butech. A material for type CG2 WA joints in accordance with EN 13888 which goes perfectly with the wall tile texture, making the joints almost imperceptible.

Additionally, it is worth highlighting that Colorstuk rapid offers the highest performance for filling joints by up to 15mm, so, it can be installed in high-traffic flooring, in premises where water is present and exteriors as well.

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