16 February 2022


Porcelanosa gains ground in Taiwan's residential sector

Three new premium homes in Taichung (Taiwan) opt for a sober and cosmopolitan design, featuring the Spanish multinational's XTONE® sintered mineral compact.

PORCELANOSA Group's comprehensive approach to design shines through in these premium homes in Taichung (Taiwan), with innovative finishes and versatile applications. These were the aspects architecture studios Sawara Architects and M.P Architecture wanted to highlight in luxurious property development The Ten. The sober and rational interior design of clean lines and symmetrical volumes in these three deluxe apartments features XTONE® by PORCELANOSA.

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Zen interior design with marble-look XTONE®

Oriented to the outdoors, with natural light flooding into the interiors, each of the homes features a minimalist décor scheme where open-plan spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows and neutral tones (grey, black, white and brown) predominate.

And whilst each home has its own distinct personality, the colour palette of the XTONE® ties them all together beautifully. This was the concept interior design studios Hochu Space and Load Studio applied to the unique homes, blending marble-inspired XTONE® and natural wood textures to increase the sense of space in each room.

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The PORCELANOSA sintered mineral compact has been used as flooring throughout the homes, as well as cladding on the columns, walls, staircases and furnishings in the main living areas.

Delicate, yet resistant and hard-wearing, this is the perfect material to reinforce the zen aesthetic and brightness of each room, at the same time as improving safety and hygiene. "Porcelanosa's large-format sintered mineral compact perfectly replicates the texture of marble - without any of the pitfalls that come with the natural stone. The results are spectacular. A smooth, glossy surface that remains unaltered by exposure to the brightest sun or wettest weather", say Sawara Architects.

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See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architecture: Sawara Architects & M.P. Architecture

Interior design: Hochu Space & Load Studio

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