October 18, 2019 | Updated: November 15, 2019


Porcelanosa Group Projects: a residential area in Barcelona with marble as the main theme

The house is situated right in the heart of Ensanche in Barcelona, and it is largely covered with XLight Premium finishes.

Regarding the colour of the white, which leads the way in every part of the project done by the Duelo&Bustillo Arquitectura studio from Barcelona, greyish tones ae combined with the warmth of the wood.

The pieces from Urbatek, cut in a hexagonal shape by hand, are geared towards honouring the small floor tile by Antonio Gaudí, flooring which covers a large part of Barcelona.

Anna Duelo and Pilar Marina Bustillo, partners at Duelo&Bustillo arquitectura, are the creators of this project which can be found in Ensanche in Barcelona. Based on the elegance of marble,  this well-lit apartment in chamfer has serene rooms which come with a minimalistic look.

The layout goes with the hidden covered doors and the glazed sliding doors to provide visual spaciousness, hiding entrances and creating continuity in the spaces.  The result is a neat and tidy space which oozes serenity.

The gold-effect metal, the wood and the textures in leather and fabric contrast with the marble finishes of the XLight Premium from Urbatek. A carefully worked combination which is properly brimming with warmth.

Xlight as the structural and decor base

The pieces of XLight Premium cover the walls and the floor in the living room, and at the same time, they give shape to the furniture. Like so, an aura of distinction is created for the marble without casting aside functionality guarantees regarding the resistant surface that ceramic is.

XLight Premium Kala White Nature has been installed as the marble-effect floor tile in the hall, the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom suite and the main bathroom itself. Its white colour contrasts with the furniture which comes with black tones, as well as with some of the decor elements and their greyish touches. The bathroom suite and the main bathroom have the XLight wall tile with the marble effect; it performs excellently, giving continuity to the veining.

As an original and innovative element, a unique piece has been designed for the living room, volume control for the TV, covered with the same XLight model, which increases the ongoing visual effect.

In relation to XLIGHT Premium SAVAGE Dark Blue, this has been chosen for the covering in the hall and in the main bathroom.

A house whose smart layout really impresses because of the combination between classicism bringing the marble effect and the fusion of other materials in different colours.


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