March 15, 2019 | Updated: June 8, 2021

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Real bathroom ideas combining wallpaper and tiles

Located in the heart of Barcelona, this inspiring apartment of 70 square meters transports us directly to nature thanks to the innovative combination of colours and materials. The rehabilitation of this modernist house has been carried out by the Noé Prades Studio, which has used plant motifs and natural fibres to give a touch of warmth and comfort to the place. Particularly noteworthy is the design of the bathrooms. The walls have been covered up with an original combination of wallpaper and grey shade tiles (Malaga Grey 20X31,6), which brings character and uniqueness.

Using wallpaper in the bathroom

As you can imagine, wallpaper is not always the first option when it comes to decorating a bathroom, but it’s an excellent idea if you want to add a splash of colour to this room. In this project, the interior designer has used a coral-toned bird wallpaper for the en-suite bathroom and another greenish with jungle motifs for the guest bathroom. Both elections create a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere and combine perfectly with the wooden furniture, the designer washbasins (Unique Series by Krion®) and the rest of the decorative elements of the room, including the bathroom tiles.

Laying wall tiles vertically

Rectangle-shaped bathroom wall tiles have an endless number of placement possibilities. You can lay them vertically or horizontally, aligned or alternated or even using a herringbone pattern. All of these options are valid and widely used in residential homes. However, if you want your room to look taller, the best option is to set them vertically, tricking your mind into thinking it is. This layout also adds a touch of contemporary appeal by being somewhat unexpected.

Interior Designer: Noé Prades Studio / @noeprades_studio

Photographer: Sandra Rojo / @sandrarojo

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