September 21, 2023

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Create a Custom Reading Corner

The reading corner is a place where our imagination takes flight through the written word. A space within a space. Design is our most important ally in creating the reading corner. With the right lighting, wall tiles, furniture and acoustics, your escape into the pages of a book is much more enjoyable.

The act of reading stimulates the imagination in unique ways. Whether it’s a digital tablet or a traditional printed book, the reading corner is a special place in the home. We could call it a portal to another world. With so many distractions in the modern home, the reading corner has never been more necessary and important to well-being.

Through this article, point by point, we are going to guide you through some inspirational reading corner ideas. Follow our step-by-step advice and no matter what your budget is, a more rewarding reading experience is guaranteed. So, read on to learn how to create a cosy and inviting reading corner in your home.

Living room with book shelving and reading area

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Best Locations for the Home Reading Corner

When we read, we enter a different consciousness, one where concentration is paramount. Peace and calm are prerequisites, so not all rooms in the home are suitable for a reading corner. Nevertheless, through décor, we can convert most spaces in the home into a refuge of quiet. The following areas are ideally suited to creating a home reading area:

  • Living room: either as a separate reading nook or an island within the space.
  • Stairwell: depending on the design beneath the stairs can provide a sheltered spot which might otherwise not get used.
  • Landing: a first-floor landing with a window seat or a comfy armchair makes a quiet and peaceful setting for reading.
  • Bedroom: perhaps the ideal place in the home for a dedicated armchair, a lamp and complete silence during the day.
  • Outdoors: either a conservatory (with shades) or a garden seating sanctuary – possibly under a pergola or an arbour.
  • The study: if you have a home office or study area, then simply add a comfortable chair to convert into a dual-purpose reading corner/office.


Reading corner with 3D hexagonal mosaic wall tiles

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Designing Your Dream Home Reading Corner

We can create a cosy reading space in several key areas around the home, depending on its layout. Even a circulation area can be re-imagined as a cosy nook for reading. No matter the location, however, all good reading corners should share some criteria.

  • The correct furniture: A comfortable chair, or sofa and a side table or steady tray.
  • Lighting: Artificial lighting and ideally natural light as an extra. But whatever the source, it must be bright enough to read comfortably without casting shadows.
  • Décor: The best reading corners have their own decorative character, which stands apart within the room or space where they are accommodated.
  • Comfort: Heating, ventilation and plants all help to create the optimal environmental setting for reading.
  • Peace & calm: with the transformative help of décor, the reading corner can almost be anywhere.


Reading nook with textured wall ceramic tiles

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Optimising Lighting for Day & Evening Reading

Optometrists advise us to raise our eyes and look away from the page at regular intervals when reading. Therefore, having a focus on the eyes in the middle distance is advisable.

In the perfect world, that would be a view from a window. However, the same effect can be achieved by positioning the seating and organising the décor. Angle the furniture to face the surrounding décor and create another focal point in the space.

Natural daylight is the gold standard for the reading corner, so always position the seating in proximity to an external window. In addition to natural light, an artificial source will also be needed. Reading lights can include a table lamp or a floor lamp, or alternatively a sconce light at a suitable height on the nearest wall. These fittings help create a cosy ambience and throw the light where it is required, on the page, avoiding casting shadows.

Reading nook with concrete and wood effect tiles



One of the simplest ways to define reading corners is with books. For lovers of physical books, the addition of shelving is a great way to display past and future reading material. Paper is a great sound absorber as well as being physically attractive to look at.

Mix books and decorative objects on your shelves for the best results. From contemporary floating bookshelves to period antique-style bookcases, these are the best shelving options:

  • A vintage free-standing bookcase or bookshelf with drawers and cupboards.
  • Fitted shelving.
  • Floating bookshelves.
  • Built-in shelves in a niche or floor-to-ceiling shelving.

Comfortable Seating & Side Table

Comfort is all important when creating a successful reading corner; the seating should be conducive to sitting for long uninterrupted periods. Some seating designs work better than others, an armchair with wings makes an ideal protected space within a space. A sofa with a high back is another alternative or a chaise longue. The idea is that the reading corner be a ‘part of’ but ‘separate from’ the other seating options within a shared living room setting.

Accessories such as cushions, wraps and blankets help to convert the reading armchair into a cocoon. The chosen chair should be paired with a side table or tray accessory for sofa seating. This supports the all-important cup of tea, coffee or other refreshment to aid the overall experience.


Bedroom reading corner with stone effect tiles

Deco Image White 33.3×100 (Available in-store)

Image White 40×80

Creating a Distinctive Alcove with a Feature Wall

Whether it’s an island in the living room or a corner of the bedroom, the décor helps enormously to define the reading corner. The best decorative approach is to differentiate the area with its own character, but equally blend the reading corner with the overall feel of the room. This is a delicate balance but can be achieved with wall finishes, textiles and fabrics, accessories and decorative flourishes.

White and gold stone wall at a reading corner



Fabrics, wallpaper and 3-D tiles are among the most sound-absorbent wall finishes for reading corners.

Keep colours muted and don’t forget to add texture for a more tactile quality.

Artworks lend a customised ambience while sculptural tables or floor lamps add a functional touch.



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Choosing Finishes, Colours & Fabrics

Some home décor colours are more soothing and calming than others, such as blue and green (and their variations). Greys, whites and neutrals are also calming and restful on the eye. Therefore, we advise you to keep the dominant colour palette within this area of the spectrum for the reading corner.

Fabrics and accessories can be more playful but keep colourful finishes under control. Remember rugs, drapes, cushions, ottomans, and upholstered footstools are all wonderful at absorbing sound in and around the reading corner. And you will notice the difference.


Reading corner with metal bookshelving and dark wallpaper


Study  Reading Room

If you are lucky enough to have a separate home office or study, you are already halfway there to create a reading room. But don’t confuse the two! They might share some elements, but they are worlds apart in functional terms.

Home office ideas focus on creating the conditions for work, while the reading corner is more whimsical and dreamier. Notwithstanding, the common elements include a bookcase, a home library or shelving, task lighting, and a cosy ambience. The home office makes an ideal reading room because you can close the door behind you, with fewer interruptions.


Rediscover the Sheer Pleasure of Reading

If you are aiming to improve your reading experience, or just stimulate your brain by escaping from online then add a reading corner to your home. We have explored how reading adds an entirely new dimension to your home. There is literally no pleasure like reading; for kids, it’s like going to the gym for their imaginations; for adults, it’s a time machine that can transport you to other worlds and eras. Make the first move by visiting your Porcelanosa showroom and getting inspiration.


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