February 28, 2022 | Updated: March 1, 2022


Ramón Esteve's architecture comes to the Porcelanosa showroom

The multinational company specialised in comprehensive design has entrusted the Valencian architect with enhancing its facilities in Vila-real (Castellón).

Porcelanosa has completely renovated its central showroom and has made it a boutique hotel with Ramón Esteve's biophilic design. The Valencian architect has devised the multinational company's new exhibition space with open-plan rooms that connect with each other through neutral tones and areas with vegetation full of natural light, the main element of this complex.

A sensory hotel to reconnect with nature

With this sensory experience, which seeks to raise awareness around sustainability in cities and the importance of protecting the environment, Porcelanosa highlights the combinations, uses, finishes and aesthetic possibilities of its new collections in a Premium hotel comprising a main hall, a spacious waiting area, a restaurant–cocktail bar, a perfumery and several main rooms. "The spaces run through the various areas of a hotel and seek to transmit different sensations: these range from the reception, with a small shop, the cocktail bar to the rooms. To do so, both the shades, the design or the texture of the tiles with the different light effects enable us to obtain the characteristic experience of each of the rooms," explains Ramón Esteve.

It is a hotel of the present that looks to the future by way of interior courtyards, community gardens and rest areas designed for well-being and social encounters. "We have opted for courtyards with natural light and freeze-dried vegetation in each corner of the hotel to instil natural elements. The purpose of this showroom is to take the best advantage of Porcelanosa materials and demonstrate this to the visitor," the architect explains.

Digitalisation is also another core theme of this new showroom. This can be seen in the various devices and screens located throughout the enclosure. "New technologies have helped us to view spaces before construction, and we can optimise and test Porcelanosa's multiple finishing options. Furthermore, the inclusion of large screens mean the atmosphere of the rooms can be modified according to their use or context," highlights Esteve.

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