22 June 2021


Rainforest Day and PORCELANOSA ECO

Our planet’s resources aren’t infinite, so we all need to do our part to ensure their longevity. The 22nd of June marks World Rainforest Day, and to help save our rainforests the PORCELANOSA Group has created ECO, a management model that reinforces responsible production and consumption.

Vancouver Sand and Smart Collection produces up to 40% less CO2 when compared to similar materials manufactured through conventional means.

L’antic Colonial, the natural materials company of the PORCELANOSA Group, sources its natural wood from sustainable forest land where more trees are grown than cut down. This has proven to be an important practice as the popularity of natural wood floors has increased in recent years. In fact, throughout 2020 PORCELANOSA replanted a forest area of over 10,400 trees. (https://www.porcelanosa.com/eco-conscious/en/)

The chipboard in GAMADECOR’s, the furniture company of the PORCELANOSA Group, kitchen cabinets is made of 72% recycled content. The circular economy accounts for 49% and sawmill residues (by-products) for 23% of this figure. This 49% from the circular economy is made up of furniture, doors and other wood remains that are taken to recycling centres.

By using recycled material, GAMADECOR avoids the felling of over 4,700 trees a year, and when the board is cut and processed, 86,000 kg of extremely clean sawdust is generated. This is used as BIOMASS (renewable energy). All the remnant pieces of chipboard (1,400 tons) are ground up again and mainly re-used in the manufacture of new board.

Since its beginning, PORCELANOSA Group has included sustainable development as part of its philosophy. This led the company to implement innovative processes and products that respect the environment and minimise CO2 emissions.

To learn more about PORCELANOSA ECO please click here

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