July 8, 2021


The beauty of quartzite comes to XTONE

The PORCELANOSA Group brand has introduced new slabs of this natural stone in blue, gold and white hues.

Altissima by XTONE (Urbatek) has expanded its natural stone collection with large format quartzite slabs perfect for designing customised, infinite spaces.

Designed for use on floors or walls, the PORCELANOSA Group brand’s new series stands out for its strength, luminosity and luxurious aesthetic. These values run through Blue Roma, a set of natural stone slabs in a greyish blue hue, with asymmetric gold veins that lend further shine.

The slabs can be positioned (primarily on walls and floors) to create the look of a cracked mural, adding serious personality to spaces and highlighting the uniqueness of each material.

Walls become quartzite murals

Another new collection added to the range is Roma Imperiale. The distinctive brown and yellow veins introduce an abstract canvas to your walls, with dynamic colours and jagged unfinished geometry.

Altissima Roma Imperiale

XTONE’s Montblanc series is perfect for the most original and artistic of rooms. This white quartzite’s strength and low porosity mean it absorbs less liquid, substances or stains on its surface, which in turn leads to safer bathrooms and kitchens.

Its neutral look and delicate grey veins make Montblanc slabs ideal for countertops/worktops, flooring or wall coverings, and the restrained appearance showcases the authenticity and simplicity of the rock.

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