October 11, 2022


PW Whitehouse, intergalactic sophistication in Vancouver

The elegant reflective surface of XTONE® attracts light and renders the building invisible, blending in completely with its surroundings

The building, which faces Sunset Beach (Canada), was built in the 1970s. Recently, Buttjes Architecture redesigned the façade of the block and the lobby with materials provided by Fontile, which perfectly execute the contrast between black and white.

This building, an example of brutalist architecture, has been transformed into a residential complex with nineteen fully-equipped residences. The incorporation of white on the façade has nautical connotations due to the building’s proximity to the sea and the influence of the mist that regularly blankets the Canadian city.

The PW Whitehouse renovation has introduced a strong contrast of colours. For the exterior of the building, spanning 2,000 m2, the most pristine white has been used with the Moon White Polished collection from XTONE®, which enhances the voluminous, stepped design. The Butech visible anchor system has been used to apply porcelain tiles.

Inside, the lobby is coated black with the Polished and Nature finishes of the Liem Dark collection from XTONE®, which cover the walls, floor and ceiling of the space. Pro-light Silver decorative luminous profiles (Butech) generate straight lines, projecting perfectly defined frames. The result: an attractive, futuristic and enigmatic space. To achieve visual continuity, the adhesive Super-Flex S2 and Colorstuk 0-4 N were used.

Like a lighthouse clad in white porcelain, the building verges on the imperceptible. According to Peter Wall, real estate developer: “It is white in winter, blue in the summer and gold at dusk… a chameleon, in every sense of the word”. PW Whitehouse residents enjoy majestic views of the ocean and city skyline.

See it in Porcelanosa Projects.

Architecture: Buttjes Architecture

Architecture: Peter Wall Mansion & Estates

Lead Design Consultant: Chris Doray Studio Inc

Photo: Michael Elkan

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