September 12, 2017 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Pure Line Wood: the bathroom furniture that pays a tribute to wood

Over the years, Noken, the firm specialised in bathroom equipment from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, has achieved in making its designs become easily recognisable because of the combination of excellent line simplicity and innovative functionality. Pure Line is just like that, a collection created from symmetry and asymmetry, elegance and geometry, as well as purity and simplicity. It has been conceived to provide the bathroom with character and personality with a contemporary style and a classic soul.

One of the most significant items in the Pure line collection is the bathroom furniture. It is an essential complement when searching for storage space in a simple and natural way, which helps to get a neat and tidy bathroom which is full of harmony.

The Pure Line bathroom furniture meets the demands of a solid versatile design, so it can be installed in either a wall-hung way or supported by metal legs placed at both ends of the drawer. A piece of furniture which is characterised by its original design and its carefully worked details.

Pure Line Wood

The design of the shapes and contours that one can find in Pure Line are also present in Pure Line Wood with finishes in wood. Origin and robustness are the added values in this new bathroom furniture made of aged natural wood, namely oak, which is combined with metal structures.

Designed from an upper drawer totally embedded with a soft-close system and full opening guides, it provides the piece with comfort and storage use. Similarly, it also offers the possibility of being structured by a robust shelf which gives the set lightness and simplicity.

Pure Line Wood is available in two sizes: 150cm and 90cm, and it can be adapted to the different basin options in the collection (60cm and 46cm).

In conclusion, we have bathroom furniture which offers the perfect combination of design and the essence of the wood in a piece full of shades and details, which liven up any bathroom atmosphere.

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