September 14, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Porcelanosa Grupo Projects: Creative architecture at Forty45 Pecos Coworking in Denver

This extensive coworking has been built with some of the most outstanding materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Its façade is the first one which has been manufactured in the USA with the KRIONTM K-Life mineral compact.

Under the 4 C philosophy: “Collaborated. Connect. Create. Co-work” and the products from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, Forty45 coworking in the USA, has become a symbol of the North American contemporary architecture.

A building thought up for the free-flowing communication between departments and creative design. Zaga Design and McDermott Associates joined forces regarding the work carried out in the exterior and interior areas, and who together, have built this cooperative workspace through rationalist sober shapes. Constructive avant-garde design focused on the rereading of classical standards.

The first façade in the USA which has been manufactured with KRIONTM K-Life

A clear example of that architectural evolution lies in the KRIONTM Solid Surface, the mineral compact which has been used for the façade construction (KRIONTM K-Life) and also for some interior spaces. In this way, Forty45 coworking has become the first façade manufactured with K-Life in the USA. The KRIONTM Eco-Active Solid Technology (KEAST) allows for air purification, as well as having anti-bacterial properties, removing chemical products and being easy to clean.

In this project, the façade technical office from PORCELANOSA in the USA has also done its bit by developing the structure and carrying out the technical supervision of this façade installation. The K-Fix fastening system used in this project, has been exclusively designed by Butech for the installation of the KRIONTM Solid Surface in exteriors.

In the interior areas of Forty45 Peco, the Bolonia Colonial 80cmx80cm floor tile by Porcelanosa plays a leading role. This series by Par-Ker simulates a greyish stone whose finish is in between the cement and the wood. Industrial-styled sobriety which meets the general aesthetic of the space.

The Linkfloor Contract Cotton by L’Antic Colonial and the NK Logic bathroom equipment  from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms also play a leading role. Practical multifunctional design. Common good.

Photographer: Shannon Reed Photography

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