November 23, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: ceramic parquet elegance and black marble set the trend in Kiev

The Davidovich Design studio has chosen PORCELANOSA Grupo materials for the transformation of this single-family home.

The firm’s floor tiles and wall tiles reformulate the design of the inside and provide greater sobriety to the spaces.

The elegance and timelessness of the design were two of the goals that the Davidovich Design studio, led by Alexandra Davidovich, intended to reach in this single-family house in Kiev, in the Ukraine. With the PORCELANOSA Grupo‘s pieces as the main attraction, the interior design that predominates in each one of the rooms is characterised by its peacefulness and sophistication. A corporate identity from the PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Balanced textures

The texture combination found in each room encourages warmth and privacy in this home. A result that was obtained after the use of the cutting-edge resistant materials, such as the PAR-KERTM ceramic parquet (Porcelanosa) and the black marble in the kitchen.

The chromatic contrast produced with the Oxford Cognac (PAR-KERTM) and the Safari Arena (STON-KERTM) wall tile give balance to the overall capacity of this space.

The combination of intense brown (floor tiles) and pink beige (wall tiles) brings that eighteenth-century colonial spirit back, with wood and linen as the outstanding materials. An interior design with a certain eastern touch which, reformulates the concept of bathrooms and kitchens. It is in that latter room where black marble also becomes significant, being present in the worktop and some of the utensils, too.

A historical review through the prism of design.

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