October 19, 2022 | Updated: August 2, 2023


Transform spaces with decorative profiles for walls

The accessories provide resistance and contrast above all, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of ceramic wall tiles

And the way we use decorative profiles has evolved. In recent years, they’ve become an indispensable element. The technical solution is the interior designer and architects’ perfect ally for adding an extra dose of elegance to each ceramic tile.

Multiple finishes to suit all spaces

Strength, unalterability, easy installation and versatility: these are just some of the benefits of this accessory. Dress commercial spaces, or any part of the home, in chrome, gold, bronze or black.

Horizontal, vertical, oblique, perpendicular or secant. These versatile elements can be used to create geometric forms or countless other designs; depending on the style of your room.

And beyond the aesthetics, they also make the perfect technical solution for corners; protecting users from sharp edges and reducing the potential for accidents.

They also provide effective separation between rooms or materials. They’re often used to separate tiles in different materials, colours or textures, Pro-Part Old Iron, by Butech for example.

When you choose which decorative profiles to use, you should think about your interior design scheme and the width of the tiles used. The most popular option is to go for a product that harmoniously balances the lines of the tiles on the wall.

Bathrooms with added elegance

Bathrooms are havens of rest and disconnection, and it’s becoming more and more common to take care of every little design detail. Matt black or gold (Pro-Part series in Coal, Gold or Moon finishes) make ideal decorative profiles for bathrooms. You can tie in the finish to enhance or contrast with your taps, wall tiles or furnishings.

Backlit aluminium decorative profiles (Pro-Light models by Butech) are guaranteed to add a modern yet warm feel to a space – especially bathrooms. They create an incredibly warm and welcoming look, made for rest and relaxation.

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