April 4, 2017 | Updated: December 11, 2019


New profiles and baseboards with built-in LED lighting by Butech: brightness and character in the interior design

There are some projects which require that extra distinction, when in need of decorative elements which provide the rooms with more character and personality. The PORCELANOSA Grupo, consistently at the cutting edge of materials, finishes and decorative designs for architecture and interior design, offers profiles and baseboards with built-in LED lighting, which are able to make the most outstanding interior corners stand out.

Pro-Skirting led: light for indoor flooring

Pro-Skirting led is a metal baseboard designed by Butech building systems for the installation of lighting through LED strips. This profile is only 60 mm high and 13 mm wide, and it has a longitudinal channel where a LED lighting strip can be inserted. Its application is specially designed for indoor flooring, working as a decorative element and also as a means of signalling. Through the application of these baseboards, which are hidden from view and face downwards, one can get a very elegant halo of light, which is able to frame the atmospheres and set a specific point of focus in the room where they are installed.

This element stands out because of its high mechanical resistance, and furthermore, it can even be used in spaces where water is present.

Pro-light: lighting for exclusive spaces

On one hand, the Pro-Skirting led by Butech has been conceived to enhance the exclusivity of the flooring, whilst on the other hand, the Pro-light collection turns out to be a decorative profile with built-in lighting which highlights the elegance and sophistication of floorings and coverings. It is a concealed lighting profile, specially designed for ceramic wall tiles, but it can be used for floorings as well. In order to achieve that incomparable light effect, LED strips U-linked to the profile are used, and combined with a diffuser cover. Depending on the profile position, the light effect can be direct or indirect.

Among the objectives regarding this type of decorative profiles, it is worth highlighting the fact of offering the ceramic tiles an extra point of distinction, and also the fact of signalling a wall as a space delimiting element. Their application is mainly for interiors, but depending on the model, they can be also used for exteriors.

Pro-Skirting led and Pro-light are examples that confirm the strong commitment to innovation by the Porcelanosa Grupo to reinvent architecture and interior design. With the aim of setting trends and meeting project demands through its high quality, exclusivity and decorative elegance.


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