April 28, 2016 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Prisma: geometric coverings for shiny corners

PORCELANOSA Grupo constantly reinvents and adapts itself to architecture and interior design trends in order to offer wall tiles that provide both distinction and maximum style to any interior space. For the originality of its projects, it is capaable of turning a sober corner in any type of room at home into a unique corner, or to fullfil a contract project with both exclusiveness and elegance.

In this line of high quality and design, Venis launches Prisma, an amazing collection of of pure geometry monoporous wall tiles. This series of very contemporary and avant-garde style tiles is inspired by a composition of irregular prisms, which combine together perfectly to achieve a magnificent play of light and shadows. It is a series of wall coverings in relief, but with the peculiarity of having a very soft and smooth touch.

In addition to its transgressive composition of interconnected prisms, the Prism collection in 33,3x100cm format surprises us because of the originality of its tones and finishes, which bring both matte and white gloss together; to both the Silver and bronze finishes.

While the white option appears ideal for more serene and luminous homes and with a greater need for space; both the silver and bronze finishes, in the vanguard in 2016, are perfect for a dining room or a living room with special distinction and style.

In addition, except for the model in white matte, the Prisma wall tiles from Venis have an innovative gloss effect. As a tribute to the light reflection that prisms make, these also manipulate light flawlessly, becoming the centre of attention in the room.

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