July 26, 2016 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Precious metal-effect wall tiles: A luxury design full of high-quality porcelain

Turning either a home place or a contract project into a unique space becomes possible by means of the choice of exclusive ceramic materials.

PORCELANOSA Grupo’s firm, Venis, is inspired by both the luxury and exclusivity of  precious metals in order to provide its latest ceramic wall tiles with elegance without compromising its high quality. Its innovative ceramic manufacturing processes have favoured the creation of striking reliefs, whose superficial finish is a melting of precious metals.

This delicate process is carried out in every single piece in an almost artisanal way, which increases its added value. Furthermore, its high resistance and easy maintenance properties make it suitable for both private and public places. Its excellence makes the space where it is to be installed a focus point, catching everyone’s eye in the process.

Artis, Prisma and Sea: three designs, two finishes

Among the designs which Venis offers regarding metal wall tiles, it is possible to find the ones inspired by silver and bronze.

The Artis collection, available in both finishes, turns out to be an excellent original relief of closely linked shapes that are used in jewellery. Its delicate hollows achieve an outstanding combination of both lights and shadows, which is enhanced by the metal shine coming from the distinctive metal.

The Prisma collection, on the other hand, counts on geometrical volumes of irregular prisms. Its touch is both flat and smooth, and its effect is highly metallic, thus, providing the interior design with a very avant-garde touch. This design includes the Bronze and Silver finish, depending on the preference of how cosy or warm the atmosphere is, or how cold or serene.

The Sea series, which is just available in the Silver finish, has soft waves whose shine changes depending on the viewer’s position. An original design imitating the natural movement of both the waves and the sea.

With regard to the technical features, we are dealing with a three rectified ceramic wall tiles’ collection, whose format is 33,3x100cm.

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