September 2, 2019 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Prada by Porcelanosa, a sophisticated collection based on natural stone

Designed to be used as a floor tile or wall tile, this series presents different designs ranging from natural and geometric patterns to mosaics.

Due to its resistance, durability and easy maintenance, this material can be included in bathrooms, terraces or outdoor swimming pools.

With slate and limestone as the base, the Prada collection by Porcelanosa turns ceramic into a design object, offering more naturalness to each space in which it is included. Designed in grey, sand and beige tones, its pieces enhance the lighting in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and terraces through its solid and sober composition.


Due to its resistance, durability, easy cleaning and maintenance, this series can be used as a floor tile or wall tile. In addition, the 59.6cm x 59.6cm format acquires non-slip properties which reinforce its look and safety.

More colours and sizes

In this collection, there is the Sumatra hydraulic series, whose 59.6cm x 59.6cm size can be installed as a floor tile or wall tile. From its smallest size (59.6 cm x 59.6 cm) to the largest one (120cm x 120cm), all the Prada pieces can be customised and adjusted to people’s tastes. Its three available colours: Grey, Acero and Caliza; can create surfaces without joints which extend the space capacity beyond its limits.

In terms of wall tiles, this company designs three shades: Acero, Caliza and White for all its sizes: 45cm x 120cm and 31.6cm x 59.2cm. By presenting different designs, such as geometric shapes, natural motifs (Spiga and Mombasa finishes) or mosaics which recreate the texture of natural stone; they can be combined with other materials and structures.


The eternal value of stone.

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