September 17, 2019 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Portofino Pulido from Porcelanosa: the brightness of classic marble for modern spaces

This collection can be used as floorings and coverings due to its strong composition and sober tones.

Its pieces offer a format of 58.6cm x 118.7cm; they reproduce the veining and tones of that centenarian Carrara rock in precise detail.

With Carrara marble leading the way and providing inspiration, the Portofino Pulido collection from Porcelanosa reproduces the veining and colours of this natural rock in detail, whose colour nuances are geared towards ochre, which increases the sophistication in the spaces. The warmth of its pieces creates intimate atmospheres in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms; this results in a better experience for people, as well as the capacity of the rooms.

By offering a format of 58.6cm x 118.7cm and a thickness of 11.5cm, it can be used for floorings or coverings. As well as that, its tones go with any kind of interior design or decor element.  In this way, including Portofino Pulido pieces with natural wood, KrionTM or metal structures in a bathroom will enhance the character of this space, along with the brightness provided by this collection.

Elegance does not depend on artifice.

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