January 21, 2020


Porcelanosa’s ceramic collections reproduce nature in detail

The Forest, Portofino and Berna Acero series recreate the image and textures of stone and natural wood in each of their finishes

Sustainable design is one of the Company’s priorities and is a feature of the Forest series, ceramic parquet flooring made of 95% recycled material

Research and new technologies have had a positive influence on Porcelanosa‘s designs, with more natural, resistant and versatile collections.

The Company’s new wall tiles and ceramic flooring reproduce the details of oak and walnut wood and the characteristic veins of Carrara marble.

Par-Ker Forest Arce 14,3 cm x 90 cm Porcelanosa

The warmth of wood combined with the durability of ceramics

This can be seen in the Forest Arce series by Par-ker™. Porcelanosa’s ceramic parquet flooring reproduces the grain and knots of maple wood, but is stronger than the original material.By incorporating the technical properties of ceramics, the tiles in this series (available in 22 cm x 90 cm and 14.3 cm x 90 cm formats) resist high temperatures, wear due to continuous use and damage from scratches or the impact of heavy objects.

The continuous smooth lines of this collection’s seven shades (Cognac, Colonial, Maple, Acero, Arce, Fresno and Natural) give greater warmth to rooms, while its 14.3 cm x 90 cm format can incorporate anti-slip properties.  

Comprising 95% recycled material, Par-Ker Forest is one of Porcelanosa’s most sustainable collections and has DAPcons environmental certification.

A new reading of marble

The 58.6 cm x 118.7 cm tiles of the Portofino Pulido collection are reminiscent of the whitish light of Carrara marble, the Pulido finish giving them an even brighter appearance.

Their orange and grey veins allow us to design rooms with greater artistic flair and unlimited possibilities, bringing out the personality of each space.

portofino pulido

The ceramic stone of eternity

The Berna Acero series by Ston-ker takes the resistance of natural stone and adds a softer texture to it with the stripe finish, the discontinuous lines giving the surface a less severe appearance.

The tiles are large format and can be used both for flooring, with sizes in the HIGHKER Premium Ceramic range of 120 cm x 120 cm and 80 cm x 80 cm, and on walls (45 cm x 120 cm).

Ceramics that connect with nature.

Stripe Berna Acero 45 cm x 120 cm Porcelanosa


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