November 11, 2020


From marble to eastern quartzite: The new collections Urbatek presents at the PORCELANOSA Virtual Exhibition

The PORCELANOSA Group firm refines its design with several large-format collections that imitate the shine and contrasts of ivory and precious stones.

Urbatek refines its design with large-format pieces that recreate Calacatta marble or natural quartzite. These are the aesthetic lines that the firm has presented in some of the most prominent areas of the PORCELANOSA Virtual Exhibition. This is the case of Moscow, decorated with the main new developments from Urbatek, such as Viola, Paonazzo, Taj Mahal and Orobico.


The value of marble and ivory is brought to XTONE

The Viola collection reproduces the veins and light of Calacatta marble in two shades, Rossé and Blue. The first series is notable for its burgundy and white tones and its delicate design, which makes it the perfect match for neoclassical or vintage interiors.



Viola Blue combines whites and creams with greys and blues.

Available in 154 cm x 328 cm (12 mm thick), 150 cm x 300 cm, 120 cm x 250 cm and 120 cm x 120 cm (6 mm) formats, the pieces in this collection stand out for their graphic richness and intense light in the Polished and Silk finishes.

The Paonazzo collection reproduces the light and delicacy of ivory, and it can be used as a wall tile or floor tile.. Its caramel, sage and merlot veins and the sparkle of golden flecks lend spaces greater sophistication with the 120 cm x 120 cm, 120 cm x 250 cm and 150 cm x 300 cm (6 mm thick) formats in two finishes: Polished and Silk.


Paonazzo Biondo Silk finish

Quartzite to enlarge spaces

TAJ MAHAL Collection

The Taj Mahal collection reinterprets quartzite in each of its fluid layers. Its gold and taupe veins enhance the beauty of this material through large pieces that available in 150 cm x 300 cm, 120 cm x 120 cm, 120 cm x 250 cm (6 mm) and 154 cm x 328 cm (12 mm) formats. Its Polished and Silk finishes emphasise that feeling of unlimited space and make sobriety a virtue.

This optical effect of infinity is one of the qualities of Orobico Dark, another of Urbatek's most important new developments. This collection combines dark shades with greys, browns and ochres, and its polished finish enhances this depth through its 150 cm x 300 cm (6 mm) pieces.

Orobico Dark Polished finish

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