November 6, 2020 | Updated: November 10, 2020


PORCELANOSA Virtual Exhibition: L'Antic Colonial champions premium design with infinite collections

The PORCELANOSA Group firm launches three new series (Linkfloor Infinity, Adamantina and Monarch) and refines its materials with broader formats and finer thicknesses for the residential and contract sectors.

L'Antic Colonial has presented its new floor and wall tiles at the Porcelanosa virtual fair with more realistic and versatile designs that range from natural wood to stone-effect vinyl.

Throughout the eight areas that make up the PORCELANOSA Virtual Exhibition, the firm has showcased the new uses and qualities of its pieces with more spacious and brighter spaces. These feature three new collections: Linkfloor Infinity, Adamantina and Monarch.

"Linkfloor Infinity", a lightweight vinyl reminiscent of classic marble

Linkfloor Infinity Pearl
Linkfloor Infinity Caspian Gloss
Linkfloor Infinity Calacatta Gloss
Linkfloor Infinity Nero Gloss
Linkfloor Infinity Beige

The Linkfloor range includes the Infinity series in its catalogue of new products. This new-generation vinyl belonging to L'AC has added broader formats (260 cm x 121 cm pieces) with a minimum thickness of 3.6 mm, which in turn allows for the creation of more flexible and light rooms without the need for remodelling work.

Inspired by marble and with 15 different styles, Linkfloor Infinity improves the technical qualities of damp areas such as bathrooms due to its high resistance, matt and glossy finishes and its neutral colours (whites, blacks and beige).

"Adamantina", the quartzite that shines with its own light

Within the Altissima Stone Premium category, Adamantina is the culmination of the precious stones offered by L'AC. This backlit quartzite with hints of green and characterised by white veins can be used in interior projects and, when used as a wall tile, it improves the strength and aesthetic qualities of every space. A perfect choice for bathroom and kitchen countertops, or as a headboard decoration, with 2 cm and 3 cm formats.



"Monarch," the natural beauty of classic wood

Among the new natural woods that the firm has launched at this fair, we can highlight the Monarch collection.This solid oak parquet (25 cm x 220 cm x 1.9 cm) in 5 different shades allows you to design infinite and warm spaces. Its 5.4 mm layer and matt finish allow each piece to harmonise with its surroundings, transforming every room into a unique retreat.

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