September 3, 2020 | Updated: January 11, 2021


PORCELANOSA Virtual Exhibition: Porcelanosa takes a fresh look at the use of ceramic tiles with designs inspired by stone, cement and 'total whites'

The firm presents four new ceramic tile ranges and series and expands on the use of these materials with incredibly artistic and natural graphics.

Porcelanosa has just launched four of its new ceramic tile collections on the PORCELANOSA Virtual Exhibition, a virtual exhibition organised by the Spanish multinational to showcase its eight brands' main innovations through the design capitals.

With marble as its starting point, the firm has perfected its design with ultra-realistic and natural finishes that expand on the use of ceramics in different markets. One such example is Marmi, Vulcano or Matt, collections that stand out for their restrained colour palettes and return to their natural origins.

Natural finishes for floors and walls

The collection is multi-purpose and hard-wearing, and Marmi tiles can be used as flooring (118.7 cm x 118.7 cm and 58.6 cm x 118.7 cm) or wall tiles (59.6 cm x 150 cm) in each of its five sub-collections : Laurent (inspired by Marquina marble with golden veins), Sequoia (earthy tones with subtle veins), Baltic, Massa and Dolomiti (that reproduce Carrara marble in various shades).

Baltic Bookmatch
Massa Bookmatch
Dolomiti Pulido + Spiga Marmi
Laurent Mosaic

Returning to the simplicity of classical marble , the base of the collection Marmi is composed of more than  10 graphics that can be combined with each other and five Bookmatch options. In addition, the wall tiles can be combined with different accent tiles from Deco Marmi in Spiga, Cubik, Stripe and Trenza finishes, which will grace every wall with artistic flair.


Laurent Bookmatch 59.6 cm x 150 cm. The wall tiles with the Laurent finish is inspired by Marquina marble and its fine golden and white veins will make any space museum-worthy.

Another innovation the brand will now be showcasing are its cement and stone effect ranges, with the Vulcano collection as a key new offering. These tiles recreate industrial cement in four shades: Silver, Steel, Topo and Caliza and two accent tiles: London Vulcano (wave effect) and Deco Vulcano (hydraulic decorative tile).

Room scheme created with Vulcano Acero

Available in 59.6 cm x 150 cm format for wall tiles, and 120 cm x 120 cm and 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm for floor tiles, these collections will enhance the personality of spaces due to the neutrality of their ranges.

To lighten the overall look of a wall, accent tiles in Hojas, Spiga, London and hydraulic mosaic finishes can be used, with dynamic forms to enrich the space.

Room schemes created with the Noir Acero 59.6 cm x 150 cm + Spiga Noir Acero 59.6 cm x 150 cm + Noir Cero 120 cm x 120 cm.

Matt, Porcelanosa's star collection


Deco Matt York 59.6 x 150 cm

Matt has been extremely well-received by the market. Above all for residential and contract projects.

This demand has prompted an expansion of the collection, with the introduction of nine additional finishes: Hojas, Spiga, London, Brasilia, Texture, Jersey, Mosaic, Line and Hydraulic and the Matt base tile in 59.6 cm x 150 cm format. These options are available in 59.6 cm x 150 cm format and offer an updated image and new options in white.

View all these new features in the interactive catalogue

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