September 16, 2021


Sustainable shower trays for efficient homes

PORCELANOSA Group brands KRION® and Noken's environmentally-friendly products promote responsible water consumption.

Heat waves, torrential rain, floods and droughts are just some of the immediate consequences of climate change, and working on ways to reverse this trend has become a key priority for organisations and companies.

Water is one of the common resources most affected by these weather disturbances, and unequal distribution between countries is becoming an issue. According to the United Nations World Water Development Report 2021, we're now using six times more fresh water than we were 100 years ago, and the figure has continued to rise at a rate of almost 1% per year since the 80s.

And if we don't change our habits, we could reach crisis point by 2030, with the world facing a 40% water deficit. What's more, as population growth continues to accelerate, 30% of our groundwater systems are being depleted by sedimentation.

Environmentally-conscious bathrooms

In a bid to turn the situation around and promote a more equal distribution of natural resources, firms like KRION® and Noken from PORCELANOSA Group have been designing sustainable products that reuse mineral and plastic components to reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions. This is the concept behind Krion Shell® shower trays, an SCS certified collection with a mineral-based composition bound together by a highly resistant eco-resin derived from recycled PET (5% of the total composition), resulting in almost zero porosity.

The material is solid, hard-wearing and resistant, with a high mineral load at its core. Meanwhile, the exterior coating not only makes cleaning easier, but actively prevents pathogenic microorganisms from spreading on the surface, improving hygiene in the bathroom.

And because the material is free from harmful chemical substances and doesn't release any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), each of these three designs make for much safer bathrooms: Flow, Slope and Line.

Functional, and with an extra-low profile, Flow shower trays can be made to suit any space thanks to the various sizes available and Silk and Rock natural textures (the latter has a Class 3 non-slip rating).

Slope runs along similar lines, with an extra-fine design created for optimal water flow, available in two finishes (Silk and Concrete) and in White, Beige, Taupé, Grafito and Grey colours. Plus, the ample drainage is hidden from sight by a stylish stainless steel or black trim.

Line shower trays come in a square, rectangular or corner format, and a choice of white, grey, graphite, beige and taupe colours. The length and width give the tray an excellent sense of visual continuity, and decorative panels are available to use as a wall covering and enhance this effect further.

Less wood, more flax fibre

Bathroom brand Noken (PORCELANOSA Group) has also refocused its business strategy towards eco-efficient management, improving the lifespan of products with less-polluting materials. This is why the brand is replacing conventional wood with other materials: flax fibre in the case of its Zen shower trays, and recycled calcium carbonate (Noken Eco-Stone). The firm's Slate shower trays fall into the latter category, harnessing renewable bio-derivatives to reduce our impact on the oceans.

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