June 28, 2021


A house with Porcelanosa style

Infinite and bright rooms, ceramic tiles inspired by nature, and uniting wall and floor tiles under the same aesthetic are key to creating a 100% Porcelanosa home.

Applying the brand's distinctive comprehensive design concept will make your home a Porcelanosa home. Opting for ceramic collections inspired by nature, opening rooms out to the exterior, combining floor and wall tiles under the same aesthetic, and minimalist décor are all key to achieving this look, as we'll see next.

Porcelanosa's HIGHKER® range can be used to create brighter, broader rooms

Large format ceramic tiles have made their mark on the residential sector and on Porcelanosa's new collections. Get brighter, broader rooms with the HIGHKER® range, such as the Karachi tiles used in this garage. 

Available in two shades (Steel and Grey), this series measuring 120 x 120 cm, 59.6 cm x 180 cm, 80 x 80 cm or 59.6 x 59.6 cm have grey and white veins and replicate the texture and shine of marble. The non-slip properties make for safer spaces, and the subtle variegated tone withstands scratches or blows, remaining intact even at extreme temperatures.



120 × 120

Bianco Pulido 58.6 cm x 118.7 cm Porcelanosa

Bianco Pulido 58.6 cm x 118.7 cm

Bianco Pulido is another collection that looks just like Carrara marble, perfect for designing diaphanous, open-plan kitchens such as this one. The 58.6 cm x 118.7 cm format, white tone and bluish veins enhance the feeling of unlimited space, ushering light into every inch of the room. The neutral hues and finish of the tiles pair well with wood, aluminium or iron furniture, making them the perfect partner for classic or industrial interiors.

Par-Ker Devon Bone 29.4 cm x 180 cm + 19.3 cm x 180 cm Porcelanosa

PAR-KER® transports the warmth and elegance of natural wood to ceramics

The warmth and elegance of natural wood is embodied by the PAR-KER® range by Porcelanosa.

The collections perfectly mimic the grain and softness of oak or cherry wood, but with all the technical properties you get from ceramics. This can be seen in the Devon Bone series, used as flooring in this children's bedroom. It creates a harmonious balance with the wallpaper and Nordic style bed and desk.



29.4 × 180

Par-Ker Nobu Arce 19.3 cm x 180 cm Porcelanosa

Nobu Arce 19.3 cm x 180 cm

Nobu Arce from PAR-KER® is also suitable for outdoor installation. This ceramic collection, available in 29.4 cm x 180 cm and 19.3 cm x 180 cm (non-slip version) formats, is resistant against moisture, high temperatures and continuous use. The realistic design makes it ideal for creating uninterrupted, infinite spaces such as this veranda with a swimming pool. Here, the Nobu Arce blends in with the natural environment and colonial style interior design based on light textiles, plant fibre pouffes and terracotta pots.

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