December 8, 2021


Porcelanosa’s ultra-resistant floors: for homes with personality

The Spanish multinational offers range of interior and exterior ceramic collections, featuring porcelain, vinyl, natural wood and XTONE® flooring.

If you’re thinking of remodelling your home to make it safer and more spacious, one of the best things you can do is switch up the flooring in your main rooms, replacing it with ceramic tiles, vinyl, or natural wood. You can find all of these materials at PORCELANOSA, perfect for giving your home a new, more natural look.

Highly resistant porcelain floors

One suggestion from PORCELANOSA is to unite your floors and walls under the same design, with the Karachi collection for example. Part of the premium HIGHKER® range, the porcelain pieces – in Grey and Acero finish – replicate the sheen and texture of Italian pietra marble, with delicate white veins reaching across the black surface, lending a stunning sense of light to spaces. The large format (120 cm x 120 cm), coupled with its easy cleaning and resistant properties, make the range ideal for both floor tiles and wall tiles.

In this garage, extending the floor tiles to the wall makes it feel broader and brighter, and connects the space with the rest of the house. The firm Butech recommends installing these large format ceramic pieces with their anti-cracking mat, which distributes the load evenly over the base. Other technical solutions from the brand include their highly deformable adhesives (Super-Flex s2) and Epotech Nature, a grout with excellent resistance against abrasions, moisture and chemical impacts.

Natural flooring for minimalist rooms

A bright and spacious living room where you’ll want to spend all your time at home. Give your home a more minimalist, contemporary feel by using neutral colours such as beige or white combined with Nordic sofas in light fabrics or leather, globe floor lamps, open wooden bookshelves or marble coffee tables. Natural stone mosaics from L’Antic Colonial also fit the bill, such as Minerva Shield (combined with mirrors) or Universe Hexagon Blue. The latter collection stands out for its refined hexagonal design and intense blue hue, sure to enhance any space and turn your walls into works of art. If you want to take the organic design further, you could go for natural marble (Neve di Carrara or Persian White Pulido) or natural wood flooring, such as the brand’s Monarch 1L Maria or Isabel parquet flooring.

Water-resistant XTONE® flooring

The XTONE® sintered mineral compact has cemented its position as the ideal material for resistant and uninterrupted outdoor spaces. Series such as Spice, Astana Grey and Berna will enhance the look – and functionality – of terraces, bathrooms and bedrooms thanks to their resistance against humidity, water and UV rays, and easy-to-clean and maintain properties.

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